Houston regent Tilman Fertitta: Cougars ‘excited to come to the dance’

Houston regent Tilman Fertitta: Cougars ‘excited to come to the dance’




Tilman mentioning that the PAC12 is adding two teams is HUGE news.

“I think the Pac-12 is going to add two (teams) and the Big 12 is probably going to add four, at least that’s what I hope,” Fertitta told the American-Statesman in a phone interview.

There is “something” brewing that is far bigger than what we ever thought.

Hmm. If true I think It would be in our best interest to go west. I just don’t trust ut. They would NEVER support us in anything.

If we are expecting an invite to a P5 league other than the big 12, it sure would explain alot of the goings on. I mean c’mon… the ut prez says he’s pro UH?? Get bent.

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I’m glad things are moving, and I’m glad we are In the middle of it all…

Go Coogs!!

Not certain where he is getting his information … and if it is reliable … my seat of the pants guess is it is coming from Yurachek.

The Big12 adding four seems a gimme from some reliable sources …

I suspect (as I mentioned elsewhere) that the Big12 has 3 already picked (UH is one … this from CowChip) and deciding carefully on the fourth which according to CowChip may not be made until October … a mistake.

Because it will give the Pac12 or B1G a chance to pick off the pick of the litter first at the very last moment … likes its done bidding on Ebay …

IF in fact the Pac12 is really hunting for some candidates … or the B1G.

Wow! Fertitta said that about PAC 12? We call that LEVERAGE, son! Next 2 months gonna be fun!

PAC12 wants us
small12 wants us
Which one do you pick?
PAC12 without a doubt. I will never trust uta.

I think he meant down the line with regards to the PAC 12…when their TV contract is up in about 8 years. PAC 12 has no interest in expanding right now.

It’s why getting into the Big 12 now is critical; puts us on a level playing field with everyone in the Big 12 other than UT/OU/KU who are all AAU. If UT/OU bolt, UH is much more attractive with 8 years of Big 12 money under our belt. Main reason why many fans of the other 7 are worried about us being in the Big 12.

I understand your point but history has told us to expect the unexpected. The PAC12 contract is not up for another few years but they would benefit greatly from expansion. A small12 expansion would only isolate further the PAC12. The PAC12 execs have mentioned expanding to Asia but most importantly they need to solidify their brand. An expansion with central time zone teams would be immensely beneficial and beneficial NOW. It is always better to be pro active that is especially valid for them.

Pac 12 adding 2 teams? No she-it. They have to add eventually. Not BIG news.
Pac 12 wants us? Really? Link?
Big 12 wants us? I think UT pres, Gov and Lt Gov in the pro UH camp could be more political cover if UH isn’t one of the 4. “Oh well, we tried…”

This is an exciting time but lets not get too full of ourselves.

Elected officials aren’t the type that would so prominently spend political capital on something like this that may fail so that they can say, “C’mon! What did you want? At least I tried.”

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