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Joe Broback follows Houston pretty closely for the last couple of years and interacts with Dustin and Sam from the Scott and Holman Pawdcast.


I agree. There is no way this team has even come close to playing up to its potential. Hoping we take another step forward Saturday.


Absent the normal early season warm up games, the guys are rounding into shape and should have shaken off the rust in time to be a dominant force in the AAC. I think they will run the table.


I would rate Clayton a little higher…B+ or A-

Offensive Tackle lower…B- (because of penalties)

Corner Back and Safety lower…B- or C+ (because of blown coverages and miscues)

(I guess I haven’t been paying attention, but the C+ for Center was a surprise…have snaps been that bad?)

Punt Returner a little lower…B- (fair catch on 1 and fumble…offset by some great returns)

Kicker higher…A+ (what has he done wrong?)

Punter a little lower…B- or C+ (see Punt Returner…13 yard punt offset by some gems)


I would like to see the penalties decrease significantly

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The late start will begin to show as an advantage into November.

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The fair catch an the 1 was the backup punt returner.

I was surprised at the DEs at a B+. Especially after the praise he seemed to give them in the article.


They highlighted some of the bad snaps in the navy game in replay. tune handles it well but it’s a recurring issue.

Yes, hopefully it won’t spell disaster at an inopportune time.

They’re talking about the other side from 31.:grinning:

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:blush: I think any combo of players on the Line or any DE is a winner!


I would have to knock safeties down to a C+ because I think the big mistakes carry a lot of weight. Corners probably down to a B- because of lack of depth. Defensive line up to an A-, if BYU didn’t hold every play they would have monster numbers. Maybe OTs down to B- because of penalties. If you take out Tune’s first quarter against Tulane, he would be an A

BYU has gotten away with holding every play for as long as I can remember

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It’s almost unfair to grade the team at this point because we don’t have two good performers, Anderson and Car, back to playing status. We have the potential to be a Top 20 team with everyone, including the coaching staff, performing at an exceptional level.

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No the snaps haven’t been that bad. If they were I think fans and media would have noticed already. Also, If they were we would have never scored touchdowns but only sacks or interceptions and Tune wouldn’t have the upward stats he is getting. He needs to get his facts straight before he publishes articles. This guy is an idiot not only with Center but also the Guards.

My gosh the snaps aren’t going to be perfect all
70+ snaps. We haven’t fumbled any and that is what counts.
DL and LBs should have As

The secondary has blown a few coverages but also have done good things. C+ for now but could raise to a B+ with a complete game Saturday.
I actually think our depth is what has saved us and still gives us a respectable backend.

OL gets a B. Need to kick the running game up a couple gears but they protected Tune last game and enforced their will on all short yardage plays.

RB get a B-. They can be better when healthy. Porter is great out of the backfield and runs hard. Car needs to get healthy and look like that star we saw last season. Walker has some promise as an extra big back. I wish we had Henry this season because we lack the game breaker in the backfield.
Kind of wish we would put Stevenson back there some.

Receivers have looked like As at times and Cs other moments. Ball catching skills have been there. Of course get rid of the fumbled. I would like to see some other than just #5 getting behind the D.
Bradley may be emerging and hope to see Dell more involved.

QB gets an A and would be a plus but we are still too close to the memories of the Tulane 1st quarter and BYU 4th. Tune looks to be a rising star.

TE really just rating 1 to this point but Trahan gets an A in my book but the overall group drops it to a B-

Special Teams. They have been a mixed bag with some mistakes but giving credit to the most recent giving them a B+. Stevenson and Jones are as good as it gets.
Kicking XPs and FGs have been outstanding with Witherspoon
Kickoffs and coverage have been great
Wilkins had a great game after a rough start to his career.
Deep snapper has done his job thus far.

I would add one more category:
And for that category I would give a “D”. Mental miscues - false starts, holding, offsides, unnecessary roughness etc are hurting us at critical times. Last time I looked we were ranked 3rd in the country in penalty yardage per game. Good teams don’t make those kind of mental mistakes.

It’s going to be interesting which seniors decide to come back.

Yep. It’s the mental aspect that killed us against BYU with the bad officiating.

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