Houston Restaurant Advice

After I graduated from UH, life for various reasons as kept me away from Houston for several decades.

This summer I will be returning with the American Federation of Teachers convention. An approximately 2,500 person shindig. 750 of those are from NYC, we have the biggest delegation.

I am not asking for those 750 people, my peeps if you want to call them that are about 4-10 depending upon my mood.

They know where I went to school, I want to show them right. Remember these are teachers and teachers (by definition) are cheap.

Thinking BBQ, Tex-Mex or whatever else you think of.

We are staying around the convention center.


El Tiempo

Chueys for the new yorkers



Tex Mex - Gringos or the original Ninfa’s on Navigation
BBQ - Truth, Killen’s in Pearland, or Pinkerton’s
Cajun - Zydeco’s (downtown, but only open for lunch)

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Teotihuacan (Airline) or Candente for Tex Mex. Candente has brisket enchiladas, so that would be a good crossover for BBQ.

Street to Market
Breakfast Klub

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The teotihuacan at Irvington and cavalcade for an authentic hole in the wall experience.

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BBs or Ragin Cajun

Goode Company BBQ
I’d for sure say original Ninfas on navigation just for the history.
Ragin Cajun
Breakfast Klub
tacos a go go

Maybe Kim Son or Mai’s.

Mandola’s Deli or Frenchy’s

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Pinkerton’s BBQ in the Heights

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