Houston’s secret to success

The Bubble
Well the Bubble is part of the success but when you do something well, other teams will follow.

Phil is correct. It’s not the device, it’s the culture.


They could have brought in my old rec team. We could lay some bricks!


Early in the 2020-21 season Sampson was asked about the bubble drill and he said something like ‘the way we shoot we don’t even need it’.


It’s also the insane drills that go along with it. People are diving on the floor and jumping on top of each other to get the lose balls in practice. I don’t think a lot of teams practice that way.


Like that one video that showed the Coogs practicing fast break defense… CKS makes sure to keep the players focused and working hard as opposed to just “running a drill”. He’s a basketball genius…

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I would have thought that most teams already have the bubble. If not, it will become standard equipment. However it is about focus and determination, if you focus and put significant time on the bubble then rebounding gets better. If you just use the bubble for practice. It may not have the same effect.

It will tough for others to follow bc it requires a lot of work on the players part. 5 star recruits don’t really want to work that hard. We have a winning formula that will work for yrs.

Why do you think 5 stars don’t want to work hard? Do you think they got to be 5 stars without hard work?

The bigger issue with 5 stars generally is most are gone after a year so you can’t really develop them.

If the NBA had similar rules to the NFL where you couldn’t leave until three years it would be really hard for us and many others to keep up with UK/Duke/Kansas/etc. like teams trying to keep up with Bama/Clemson/OSU/etc. in football. But since the top players leave for the pros earlier it’s somewhat of an equalizer in hoops.


I saw that practice and wondered how Sampson gets away with it. I am surprised there are no injuries and that players aren’t complaining. Guess the Cincy coach was doing worse. I don’t believe most schools will find the same success, in fact it could cause problems.

5 stars generally want to rely on talent and don’t wont to work as as hard or be coached as much Sampson basically said the same in that he’d rather get other players willing to buy into his system which is code word that he going after workers. It’s tough to duplicate sampson’s system.

Sampson wants tough basketball players not just good basketball players.

We’ve offered and continue to offer multiple 5 stars since Sampson has been here. The only two we’ve gotten were transfers (Grimes and Pollard) and they worked out great.


Not a surprise. If a five star is willing to come and get coached hard they will do great things. If only 18 year-olds were wise enough to see that and then we would get them all. :grin:

Those 5 stars by their names give them a really big head to where they think they are already NBA quality so they don’t think they need to work as hard on the collegiate level. Grimes thought that but fortunately he came back to college which helped and the coogs.

When we were 18 we were really smart, weren’t we? Well, actually, I barely remember being 18.

Higdon’s Law: Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.


Gen2’s First Law for Boys: Flash frozen at 13, thawed at 30. In my case 50. :eyes:

Since we’re into sayings, my grandfather stressed to me that wise men not only learn from their mistakes, but most importantly, from other’s mistakes. Unfortunately, only one of my kids is adhering to this.

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Even 5 stars are more than likely going to be role players in the NBA. Having rebounding and defensive skills just could be your ticket to the Association.

Why wouldn’t they want to play for Sampson?

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I kind of feel like this is something that coach should have kept under wraps. This is our edge against other teams. What if teams with more size start rebounding the way we do? It would be like playing Baylor in the final four matchup where they dominated.

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