Houston Sports Eras

The baseball thread got me thinking what are the greatest Houston sports eras or all time.

  1. Altuve Astros - maybe recency bias, maybe 5 ALCS in a row.
  2. Clutch City Rockets - two championships
  3. Love Ya Blue Oilers - we sold out an astrodome for a post game party after we lost
  4. Yeoman’s Cotton Bowl years - Those were pretty impressive.
  5. The Killer B Astros - great years, great players, no championships, swept in the WS
  6. R&S Oilers - Buffalo, there is always Buffalo
  7. Rice in the 50’s - Jess Neely & how many times do you see a guy come off the sidelines and make a tackle
  8. Comets - just trying to keep the correctness police off my back
  9. Moses / Rudy T Rockets - Had a championship run
  10. Twin Towers Rockets - the saddest word of both word and pen is what might have been.

Phi Slama Jama


Yes I left that off and Big E Game of the Century Coogs.

Phi Slama Jama is 4th

Game of the Century Coogs 7th.

Where to put Rice Baseball natty?

I would put the first two years of the Dynamo after 6 and before 7. Otherwise, pretty good list.


What about the Jackie Carr Wheatley Basketball teams?

Do they make the list? Some of the greatest High School Basketball of all time.

The Killer B’s era of Astros baseball deserves an honorable mention for at least making a WS, though I wouldn’t necessarily put them ahead of any of the teams already listed.

That’s a great list. Had the 4th quarter Renfroe catch in the '79 AFC championship game against Pittsburgh counted and the Oilers gone on to win that game and Super Bowl XIV against the Rams, I’d have put the “Luv Ya Blue” Oilers at the top of the list. No Houston sports teams before nor since were loved as much as those Oilers teams were. To this day I’m still amazed at the two incredible Astrodome pep rallies held for them after consecutive '78/'79 AFC championship game losses to those dreaded Steelers. (For you young fans that weren’t born yet, an estimated 45,000 attended the first and 70,000 the second. Traffic was so bad at the second one, I had to park at Meyerland Plaza, walk to the Dome, and crawl under the fence to get in.)

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No Run ‘n Shoot Cougars?
No 2015 Peach Bowl Cougars?
No Final Four “For the City” or should we start referring to them as “FOUR the City” or better yet “FOUR City” Cougars?
Williams’ Golf Golden Era?
Burrel’s or Tellez’s Track Teams?

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Yeoman’s years as an independent beating Georgia, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Auburn, et al, and the tie with Texas in 68 got as much attention as the 37-7 win at Michigan State a year earlier.

Combining those with the Guy V Final Fours, the Cougars were the hottest sport story in any conversation in the city of Houston during that time.

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