Houston T&F recognized as 4x400 world record holder by IAAF

And then there was this…



Not that I am shunning the world record, but someone will have to explain how UH’s 3:01.51 trumps the following (from the IAAF website: https://www.iaaf.org/records/all-time-toplists/relays/4x400-metres-relay/indoor/men/senior?regionType=world&timing=electronic&page=1&bestResultsOnly=true&oversizedTrack=regular&firstDay=1899-12-31&lastDay=2019-04-27)

1 3:00.77 USC INT INT 1f4 College Station, TX (USA) 10 MAR 2018 1239
2 3:01.39 Texas A&M USA USA 2f4 College Station, TX (USA) 10 MAR 2018 1230
3 3:01.43 Florida INT INT 3f4 College Station, TX (USA) 10 MAR 2018 1229
4 3:01.51 Houston USA USA 1f1 Clemson, SC (USA) 09 FEB 2019 1228
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USC had a international runner on their team. All T&F world record can only be ratified as a world record when all runner are from the same country.
Texas A&M record was not ratified because they did not take a sanction drug test after winning their race. All of their runner was from the same country. Drug test must be administered by the official T&F governing body, not A&M.
Florida same as USC I believe.


Benjamin was born in the United States, but represented Antigua and Barbuda at the 2013 World Youth Championships and the 2015 World Relays. His request to compete for the United States was delayed when the IAAF announced a freeze in February of 2017 on athlete’s switching allegiances. The governing body made the move to curb the prevalence of East African athletes transferring to Middle Eastern countries. Rai Benjamin USC.


Thanks for the info. I acknowledge what you’re saying (I won’t say I “understand”) but it’s interesting that the “world record” will be the fourth fastest time ever recorded.

Doesn’t diminish what the Coogs did, and happy for the recognition they’ll get, but still only a world record on technicalities.

That said, COOGS WORLD RECORD!!! :grin:

Benjamin Lobo Vedel a freshman from the country of Denmark ran the third leg for Florida.

Goofy rule. Basically the IAAF is saying the USC and Florida races never occurred.

I get why they wouldn’t accept the A&M result. Shouldn’t there be some NCAA penalty for refusing to take the drug test? I didn’t think athletes could refuse them. Or, just like in the “real world”, refusing to take the test is usually treated the same as a positive result.

I believe the NCAA relies on the schools to administer and police themselves regarding drug tests. IAAF is much tougher on that.

Moving to it’s own thread since it deserves it.

All due respect, you didn’t mean to diminish it, but you did.

All competitive events are technical. If a member of an opposing 4x100 relay team steps on the line and they won the race and my team came in second, the opposing team is disqualified on a technicality and my team will take home the Gold and the $1M that comes with it.

Either you play by the rules or don’t and suffer the consequences.


Also, it seems when you have people on the team from different countries it is then like an allstar team. NCAA standards and IAAF standards are different.

I just don’t see the hang-up about what country the runners are from. The fact is that those four men ran whatever time they ran, regardless of where they were born. There’s no time penalty for birthplace.

Time is time, speed is speed.

Also, to Ron1102, I agree with you about the rules as it relates to the Aggies…but tough for the USC and Florida teams, it’s not like they cheated, caught doping, or even stepped on a line. I just think the “all one country” rule is arbitrary.

If the Coogs beat the 4x100 world record time with Mario Burke (Barbadian), then it wouldn’t be considered a world record. Would you have a problem with the rules then? I sure as hell would!

I have no problem with the rules. There’s no need for me to complain since nothing will change.