Houston - Tech Recap & Fan Questions Episode - STW

ANOTHER ONE! A little change of scenery this episode but the same watercooler talk you guys love. In this episode we recap the Texas Tech game, and answer many of your questions we got from twitter!

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The butthurt is strong here. As a Tech fan who sat 50 yard line row 13 on visitor side, I didn’t appreciate having a UH fans throw f-bombs and other profanity out in front of my kids under 10 years old. It’s sad when my buddy(a UH grad) had to get security to escort his own fan out because of bad behavior.

I wish you all the best of luck going forward and enjoyed the game. See you in Lubbock next year.

It was all sides. I had security throw out a group of younger tech fans after one of them threw a full water bottle when the rest threw tortillas and hit an elderly lady at the bottom of the row. There are certainly the outliers at every game, but most are civil. I wish you guys the same luck this year.

Thank you LoRezz. I am sorry to hear about the unfortunate water bottle issue. Most Tech fans are very good people, but the bad apples always stick out.

The video above is sad and a bit pathetic.

As a Tech alum, I do like that we are playing each other, and look forward to future games.

Go Coogs!

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