Houston-to-Dallas bullet train given green light from feds

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Should be a lot of red at SMU games!! Thirty minutes and no driving, a rolling tailgate!

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Should be a one way train. Don’t know any Houstonians who want to go to Dallas.


I dig it!

Once it’s built, I’d love to take it to Dallas to visit relatives, and possibly to see UH sports!


That would be cool taking it to dallas for football
and basketball games. I’m guessing it would get you
to a DART hub for going to the campus. Any idea on
the specs in terms of passengers it could carry ?

So how fast does it go and how long is the ride to Dallas?

“At speeds of more than 200 mph, officials said the trip between Houston and Dallas will take 90 minutes, with trains traveling along a sealed corridor following mostly a utility right of way through rural Texas. The Houston stop is planned for the current site of Northwest Mall, near U.S. 290 and Loop 610.”


If they come up with way to give me United Mileage Plus credit I would be all,over it as an option.

One time it was mentioned it would also make a stop at collie station. Hopefully this will not be the
normal schedule for every run. Just adds unneeded delays at a minor place for most people.

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Especially in the winter.

It is long overdue.
How much were flood prone areas taken in consideration?
Train ticket prices vs plane prices
Impact of dry counties when Mrs. Templeton wants to get a beverage. Will she get the service that she deserves?

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When can they start construction?

I would bet the train ticket prices end up very similar to flights, maybe even more expensive if you plan 2 weeks out. The benefit will be for same day travel without having to deal with airports and flights. Train delays and cancellations are far less common. Also being able to carry a full bottle of liquor or six pack in your carry on.

Wish you all better luck with your speed train than the one out here in California. First they should have done LA to Vegas over LA to San Fran but this thing hasn’t gotten anywhere for years. Just seems like a constant fight over funding.

The “bullet train” budget increased so much since its inception that everybody has lost track. Phase one has multiple reports at around $80B, yes $80B.
I am all for it but you when can’t even balance your budget without having to constantly increase taxes it does not bode well for this project. This is purely economics 101.
Sacramento needs to balance their budget first.
Look at the AAA California gas prices:
Yes there is a “california” blend that makes it higher but not $1 more than the national average.
Again I am all for it but this train can’t be without a reasonable price. This is pure insanity.

First they need to fix the internal rail system.
ie: I went to see U2 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I had parked my car south of Downtown Los Angeles. It took us over three hours to get back to our car… :upside_down_face: :scream: :tired_face:

A traveler needs a 6 pack for 90 minutes.

It would be wiser for the organization running the train to force you to buy the beverages from them on-board. Another good revenue stream.

They can have a lounge car or a rolling cart.

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Like Amtrack, where they have bar cars.

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When I took trains in England, they sold beer/wine/liquor with a bar cart that came around but also let people bring their own and drink it on the train. I have never taken a train ride in the US longer than Fort Worth to Dallas or Flushing to Port Authority so don’t know about what the Amtrak types do. If alcohol is allowed to be drank on this train, I would guess you surely wont be able to bring your own. But at least with a train if you are coming up for a football/basketball game, concert, party, etc then you can bring alcohol for when you get there without having to check a bag.

I’ve taken AMTRAK trains that had lounge cars with a bar.

VERY kewl!!!

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I take Amtrak several times a year to/from Albany, NY and NYC. There is a bar car, except when there isn’t for various endless excuses.

One hint. If you every go from Albany to NYC never take the train that started in Montreal.

By the time it gets to Albany the train is in a unfresh status to say the least.