Houston vs Army - Game 3 (W 9-7)

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Top 1st

Aguilar walks the first two batters and then gives up a bunt single to load the bases. Single scores one…Army leads 1-0

K and then an error on Davis allows 2 more to score…Army leads 3-0

Nolan Bond on to pitch with a runner on 3rd. Squeeze scores another…Army leads 4-0

Bottom 1st

Burckel with an infield single, goes to 2nd on a throwing error. Davis brings him home with a 2 out single…Army leads 4-1

Top 3rd

Leadoff single followed by a double to center scores a run…Army leads 5-1

Bottom 3rd

Lovelace leadoff walk and Burckel just misses hitting one out, ends up with a triple that scores the run…Army leads 5-2

Triolo with a 1 out sac fly scores Burckel…Army leads 5-3

Top 4th

Hurdsman on to pitch

Gives up a leadoff double, but pitches around it.

M4…Army leads 5-3

Top 6th

Leadoff walk and a homer make it 7-3 Army

Top 7th

Ron Brown on to pitch

Leadoff walk and the runner gets to 3rd with 1 out, but the Coogs get out of it with a bit of a pickle to get the runner to end the inning.

M7…Army leads 7-3

Bottom 7th

1 out single by Etzel (1st of the year) and a walk by Burckel put runners on 1st/2nd. Army goes to the pen.

Esau single (1st of the year) scores Etzel…Army leads 7-4

Triolo walks to load the bases with Davis coming up, still only 1 out. Army to the pen again.

Davis bloop a single to right and all three runners score. Army didn’t throw the ball in allowing Triolo to score…Tied 7-7

T8…Tied 7-7

Top 8th

Villarreal on to pitch

Leadoff walk and a 2 out single put runners on 1st/2nd. Villarreal gets the groundout to end the threat.

M8…Tied 7-7

Bottom 8th

Etzel with a 2 out walk. Steals 2nd. Goes to 3rd on a wild pitch. Burckel K’s to end the inning

T9…Tied 7-7

Top 9th

Roedahl on to pitch.

Leadoff single. Fielder’s Choice for the 1st out, new runner at 1st. Balk moves the runner to 2nd. Throwing error by the shortstop put runners on the corners with 1 out. Walk loads the bases. Grounder to Triolo and he gets the runner at the plate, 2 outs. K to end the inning.

Way to pitch out of trouble.

M9…Tied 7-7

Bottom 9th

1 out single by Triolo. Pickoff throw gets away and Triolo gets to 2nd.


Walk off!

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Listening on radio- initially they said army caught it then ruled a home run. Enlighten me.

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Helluva day for UH athletics, basketball sole conf champ, track and field #2 in ncaas, and now a walk off HR.


Not sure, he didn’t catch it. Just got over the wall

Thanks. I think the radio guy (not Jeremy B today) just didn’t see it correctly.

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Yeah, it was close. Army CF went into the wall and just missed. If he had gotten there sooner, he might have had a chance to reach over the wall and grab it, but he wasn’t able to.

He came off the wall and jogged off the field so he knew it was gone. From where the announcer sits, it would have been tough to see.