Houston vs. Columbia - Game 2 (W 6-2)


Lineup shakeup today

Top 1st
Easy 1-2-3 inning for Randel

M1…No Score

Bottom 1st
3 straight 1-out singles by Hollis, Davis, and Lockhart score a run…Coogs lead 1-0

Another single by Triolo brings home Davis…Coogs lead 2-0

T2…UH leads 2-0

Top 2nd
Columbia leads off with a homer…Coogs lead 2-1

2 out single, but Randel keeps him there

M2…UH leads 2-1

Bottom 2nd
1 out single by Redden, followed by a single by Padgett, Hollis HBP, and Davis with a 3 RBI double…Coogs lead 5-1

Lockhart follows with a single which scores Davis…Coogs lead 6-1

T3…UH leads 6-1

Top 3rd
Leadoff double, single, and a wild pitch scores a run…Coogs lead 6-2

Randel hits a batter with 2 outs to put runners on the corners, but escapes

M3…UH leads 6-2

Bottom 3rd
Leadoff walk by Minter, but the Coogs can’t get anything

T4…UH leads 6-2

Top 4th
Nice play by Triolo and Brown to end the inning. 1-2-3 for Randel

M4…UH leads 6-2

Bottom of the 4th
Nothing doing for the Coogs

T5…UH leads 6-2

Top 5th
2 straight 1-out singles, but Randel induces a double play to get out of trouble

M5…UH leads 6-2

Bottom 5th
Triolo is HBP with 2 outs, steals 2nd, but is stranded

T6…UH leads 6-2

Top 6th
Etzel in for Minter

Randel gets a K, and walks a batter and is taken out. Clay Aguilar in

Aguilar retires the next two batters to end the inning

M6…UH leads 6-2

Bottom 6th
1 out double by Brown and a 2 out single by Redden, but Coogs can’t score a run

T7…UH leads 6-2

Top 7th
Aguilar gives up a 1 out single, picks him off, and faces the minimum

M7…UH leads 6-2

Bottom 7th
Leadoff single by Hollis and Columbia goes to the pen

Lockhart gets a 1 out walk, but the Coogs leave them stranded

T8…UH leads 6-2

Top 8th
Aguilar works an easy inning in retiring the side

M8…UH leads 6-2

Bottom 8th
Coogs go down in order

T9…UH leads 6-2

Top 9th
New pitcher: Lockhart
New Catcher: Lovelace
Coogs burn their DH

Leadoff single, but that’s all that Columbia gets.

COOGS WIN!!! 6-2

Win all 3 games this weekend.


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