Houston vs. Fairfield - Wednesday at 11 am (W 88-66)



$5 tickets until midnight tonight


Lot of kids here

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Chris Harris warming up today

11-7 Coogs at the first break. Choppy with a lot of whistles. Kids are into it though.

Corey Davis has 2 3s early.

23-11 Coogs, 11:58 in the half.

Davis jr with 10 now.

32-16 Coogs with 7:03 left in the half.

18 fouls called so far. Lot of whistles.

Why 11 AM?

They wanted to bring in kids from elementary schools. Have about 1,000 of them here

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Chris Harris with some playing time. Looks rusty

41-26 Coogs at the half.

Ugly game. Fairfield isn’t good.

Davis jr with 13 and Gray 12

Hopefully, they clean up some of those TOs and put this game away early. This would be a good time to get Chris Harris some PT and knock that rust off.

I do like the shooting of Corey Davis though – good to see him continue shooting well.

After the Arkansas win and the 11 AM tip on a Wednesday, I was fearing a terrible letdown. It’s not great basketball but a big lead at half is a relief.


Fairfield starts out the 2nd half hitting their threes and it’s 47–38 Coogs at the first break.

Can’t let this team hang around.

Brady up to 10 points. Having a nice game.

Coogs look in control of this one.

62-47 Coogs with 11:08 left