Houston vs. HBU (L 3-1)



I like the looks of this lineup:

CF Etzel
2B Hollis
1B Davis
DH Lockhart
LF Fuentes
RF Minter
3B Triolo
C Lovelace
SS Coldiron

P Hurdsman

So, how good is HBU? They’re 4-8 on the year with 3 cancellations (all by Western Michigan due to a snowstorm that messed with travel plans).

Their 4 wins came against Baylor (who they’re 1-2 against), Fresno State (who they’re 1-3 against), Rice (who they’re 1-2 against), and TSU. They also lost a game to A&M.

They played TSU the week before the Coogs did and pounded them 15-3…so, the Coogs definitely can’t take this team lightly.

Top 1st
Hurdsman gives up a 2 out double and a home run.

M1…HBU leads 2-0

Bottom 1st
1-2-3 inning

T2…HBU leads 2-0

Top 2nd
HBU gets a 2 out single, but nothing else

M2…HBU leads 2-0

Bottom 2nd
1 out double by Fuentes and a 2 out walk by Triolo amount to nothing.

T3…HBU leads 2-0

Top 3rd
2 singles and a double steal puts runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs

Hurdsman with a K for the 1st out and that’s it for him. Pulido comes in and gives up a walk to load the bases.

Suicide squeeze works and goes for a hit…3-0 HBU

M3…HBU leads 3-0

Bottom 3rd
Coldiron HBP to leadoff, Hollis reaches on a 1 out FC, but Coogs can’t get anything else

T4…HBU leads 3-0

CF robbed Davis of a double and probably two runs with a nice leaping catch

Top 4th
Pulido gives up a 1 out single and HBP, but escapes trouble.

M4…HBU leads 3-0

Bottom 4th
3 up-3 down

T5…HBU leads 3-0

Top 5th
Pulido gives up a 1 out single and gets a nice diving stop from Triolo to end the inning

M5…HBU leads 3-0

Need some runs

Bottom 5th
Easy inning for HBU

T6…HBU leads 3-0

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Top 6th
Easy 1-2-3 inning for Pulido

M6…HBU leads 3-0

Bottom 6th
1 out bomb by Joe Davis makes it 3-1

T7…HBU leads 3-1

Top 7th
1 out single doesn’t go anywhere

M7…HBU leads 3-1

Bottom 7th
Minters leads off with a double

With 1 out, Bartlett pinch hits for Lovelace and he walks.

T8…HBU leads 3-1

Very frustrating how bad the offense is this year. I’m afraid this is going to be a very frustrating year.