Houston vs. New Mexico (W 1-0)

Columbia-New Mexico Game before it is currently in the Top of the 11th tied 9-9.

Even if they finish in the next inning, there will still be at least 20-30 minutes between games. Right now, my guess is the earliest they start is 7:30, but that all depends on the first game.

New Mexico with a run in the 11th; Columbia coming to bat

Game, New Mexico holds on for the victory, 10-9 in 11 innings.



Top 1st
1-2-3 inning for Cumbie and he racks up a K

M1…No Score

Apparently, Davis missed last week due to a wrist injury. Still battling through it (although he looked fine on Tuesday).

Bottom 1st
1 out singles by Hollis and Davis are all the Coogs get.

T2…No Score

Top 2nd
Another 1-2-3 inning for Cumbie. Racks up another K

They need to work on the audio, watching on Roku and it sounds like the microphones volume is turned high, making it hard to understand whats being said.

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Branham seems to be the only one that knows how to work the audio. Last week, Creighton was announcing and the volume was uneven. Sanchez announces and it seems to be way too high.

I gave up on the video because of the audio problems and am just going audio tonight on baseradio; seems fine on there.

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Bottom 2nd
Leadoff single by Triolo and back-to-back singles by Coldiron and Slaughter bring home a run…Coogs lead 1-0

Lovelace walks to load the bases, but the Coogs leave them stranded

T3…UH leads 1-0

Top 3rd
Cumbie gives up a leadoff single, but catches him stealing. He also tallies 2 more K’s. Faced the minimum through 3

M3…UH leads 1-0

Bottom 3rd
Coogs get leadoff singles from Davis and Lockhart, but can’t get anything out of it.

Lot of runners left on base again so far

T4…UH leads 1-0

Top 4th
1-out single, but it’s erased on a double play. Cumbie’s still faced the minimum through 4

M4…UH leads 1-0

Bottom 4th
Leadoff single by Coldiron and he steals 2nd. Coogs can only get him to 3rd though.

T5…UH leads 1-0

Top 5th
1-2-3 inning for Cumbie with another K (his 5th).

M5…UH leads 1-0

Bottom 5th
1-2-3 inning for the Coogs

Games is really humming along

T6…UH leads 1-0

Top 6th
Cumbie works another 1-2-3 inning and he gets another K

M6…UH leads 1-0

Bottom 6th
Leadoff single by Triolo and a 2 out walk by Slaughter, but nothing else

T7…UH leads 1-0