Houston vs. New Orleans - Wed Nov 29 at 7 (W 75-66)

Much better Southland Conference team than we just played. They did lose to Memphis 63-52 so this will be a nice measuring stick.

Actually, Pomeroy ranks UIW slightly better than UNO.

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It’ll be another blowout.

One sign of progress: under Clyde McBrooks and Dickey, we were either getting close wins against, or even losing to Southland Conference teams.

Now we’re blowing them out.

Ok what is all this flohoops junk? Seriously? What happened to all our junk games being on espn3? I have that partly so I can watch the bball team.
The OOTC struggle is real.

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ESPN is cutting back and may not be picking up as many games.

Also, didn’t realize that New Orleans was rated worse. Was going off last year’s RPI.

New Orleans lost to 4-3 South Alabama 55-52 last night; now 1-4 on the year.

So avoid looking ahead to Arkansas on Saturday and things should be okay for the Coogs on Wednesday night?

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Made it

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12-8 UH at the 1st whistle. Lot of energy tonight.

Brady had the first 5 points. Coogs have only missed twice.

23-12 Coogs with 11:52 to go. Defense is looking good right now.


25-17 Coogs 7:17 left in the half.

Offense is struggling right now.

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38-31 at half. Coogs started out well, but struggled on both sides after that hot start.

UNO really playing tight defense and the Coogs having issues.

40-38 Coogs with 15:14 to go. Coogs have 5 fouls early so things are less than ideal right now.

Refs are not good tonight, but the team is going to have to deal with this. UNO’s physicality is really causing them problems.

44-41 Coogs. 11:44 left.

Game is ugly right now.

UNO in the bonus.

48-48 9:43 left.

51-48 after Corey hits a three. Then Brady draws an offensive foul on UNO. 7:50 left.