Houston vs. UConn TV

Does anyone know where our game with UConn will be aired?

11 on cbssn



Thanks, Guys.

Also siriusxm 201 and 308.

706 on comcast.


290 on Spectrum

Does the sports package on Sling get that? I’ll have to check.

I got Hulu specifically for CBS Sports. At the time Hulu had a superior product to Sling. Maybe Sling has improved.

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Well I’ve got Sling and CBSSN is not available at any price.

Also have Disney+ which includes Hulu, but not Hulu+ Live which is what the message on the screen is telling me I need to access CBSSN.

I really wish these services would let me purchase a la carte instead of having to purchase a bundle of stuff I don’t want.


I recently switched to YouTube TV. The interface is clunky but it does seem comprehensive with sports channels.


Or you can get it with Paramount+ App for $9.99. CBSSN comes with it Free for the 1st month then pay after that. I’m just doing the free trial for Saturday’s game. Lol I’m might keep it just to watch Yellowstone.


I have been a tech kinda guy all of my life but this crap confuses the heckldy dern outta me!

I continually wonder how much I am paying for that I don’t use.

I am grateful that I can finally afford to watch whatever I want… when I can figure out how to access it anyways.

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If only there was a system that had all these networks that cost about the same as having 5 or 6 streaming services…


CBSSN is included with FuboTV.

How much do they charge for CBSSN after the first month?

It’s a packaged deal part of Paramount+ for $9.99 after the 1st free month. Paramount is like a Hulu with shows, movies, sports, etc

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Oh, I misunderstood. I thought you had to pay extra for CBSSN on top of Paramount+. Pretty cool that it’s included.

I subscribe to ESPN+ through the Disney+ I have for my granddaughter. Everybody wins. Relocated to Annapolis 3 years ago and although I am completely stoked about our move to the B12, I will miss seeing the Coogs in the flesh every other year.

Paramount has Yellowstone if you enjoy that.

Beth has been pretty filthy lately. The moxie is strong with that one.

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