Houston will go juco route to rebuild after breakthrough season

Not really sure the “JUCO” tag is warranted. Technically, Jarreau and Gresham are coming from JUCO, but they didn’t play there and were only getting their academics in shape before coming in next year.

Trending: Neutral. Replacing a first-team all-conference performer like Gray at point guard would ordinarily be a recipe for a rocky transition, but give Sampson credit. In four seasons at Houston he has built the program to the point where the Cougars will likely, and deservedly, earn a good many second- and even first-place votes in preseason American Athletic Conference polls for 2018-19. With a veteran core made up of returning starters Davis, Brooks and Robinson, UH will be tough once again next season.

Yeah, not the greatest article. You are right Patrick, they are really D1 transfers. Sad they didn’t mention VanBeck. Also not sure why half the article focuses on PG when Gray really wasn’t even a PG. Davis is more of a PG than Gray and you will see that next year (go back to when he averaged 6 assists at San Jac). The biggest question is who will step up to be that playmaker when the team needs a bucket. A lot to me rides on Jarreau and Gresham along with development from White and Brooks. Hinton being a big contributor his freshman year would be a nice extra. I don’t know much about Antoine Davis and wont count on Chris Harris to make much more of an impact. No reason why this team can’t and shouldn’t be better next year.


Only thing I would add is I really haven’t seen anything from our bigmen besides glimpses here and there from White. Hopefully over the summer the coaching staff can do a well enough job that we can see a vast improvement. I believe we are a true big man away from being elite.

they didnt play a second of juco basketball…they also committed before going to hcc…the article is very misleading


They had many sweet offers out of high school.
A mix of SEC/ACC/Pac/B12/AAC/B10



Surprised everyone in New Orleans when they went to UMass.

We could be as good or better in 18-19 as we were this season w improvement from returners & the new guys.

Cedrick Alley Jr.-in the brief minutes we saw him. Looked like a PF type . He is jacked but super small for that spot for heavy minutes.

IF he can shoot in the mid range & be a burly SF. He could help right away.

Will the two UMass guys be freshmen or sophomores?


I have seen other places list Jarreau at 6’5" and Gresham at 6’9". Anyone know their accurate height?

I think the shorter heights were when they were in high school. At UMass they were listed at 6’5" and 6’9" like they are now.


Coach Kelvin did a great job this year. It’s an empty feeling to work so hard and come up short. So win with JUCO players is asking alot. Let’s be honest with ourselves for the Coogs to be successful they need to start heavily recruit talent here in Houston. Some of the top talent leaves for other schools and i never understand that. I’m not taking anything away from their awesome year but to continue the success they have to recruit big time talent. This also goes for other college sports at UH.

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Agreed. We did land Ced Alley, who was Mr. Houston Basketball last season. This year, we landed Antoine Davis from Cy Fair and Mike Davis’s son. Kids have to want to stay home and hopefully the new facilities will start keeping them here.