How Aranda can benefit UH

I know we talk about CDH a lot but is anyone paying attention to what’s going on with Baylor and their head coach?

I listen to 365 Sports and they regulary interview coach Aranda. They are the most bizarre interviews I have ever heard from a coach. He is almost the polar opposite of CDH… coach Aranda comes off as a preacher that is hoping and praying things work out…even talks just like one.

With that said, Baylor fans believe he was able to win with upperclassmen but has no clue how to develop his recruits…as underclassmen.

How this could benefit UH…
There might be some Houston area recruits that may want to transfer back home.

The first one that comes to mind in ND Khalu’s son. He narrowly selected Baylor over Houston…maybe he wants to come home and one thing CDH has done well is position his players to be on the NFL draft radar.

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Baylor is going to see a mass exodus!!

Let’s help it happen today.

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I listened to that interview and was equally mind blown. He gave some very strange answers. I see why Baylor fans want him out.

I do find it interesting that positivity, humility, kindness, gratefulness, compassion and faith are considered strange these days.

That’s not at you but more towards our society.


I heard a few of his interviews during the Big12 media days and agree 100%.

dude has an incredibly calm demeanor and just speaks, differently.

could see that being an issue being a coach

Aranda is a decent man and human being.
Go Coogs …beat the bear kitties!

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Coaches come in all kinds, after winning B12 and winning B12 COY, you are not getting fired. Having said that, OSU fans wanted to tar and feather Gundy and run him out of town after a home loss to South Alabama (worse than Rice). It is why fans, should stay fans, cheer for the team and leave the hiring to the admin. And, don’t let facts get in the way but UTSA could be playing in AAC Championship against Tulane.

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Before the season started, one of my Baylor buddies encouraged everyone to make the games this year. He speculated that this would be Baylor’s last year at being good. I guess it didn’t work out.

Interesting… which fans are doing the hiring or firing? Tilman maybe? But he is still the chairman of BOR I think.