How can I help our recruiting

We all know that the Houston area “produces” many college football players. Please look at this weblink.Players home town’s
When you can get the chance pinpoint the the greater Houston area. This gives you a much better “window” of how “football” good the greater Houston area is. This invites us to look at other regions eithe in state or out of state.
Did I say recruiting
We are doing a great job but if you live close to these “hot beds” go ahead and “feed” our coaching staff with possible recruits. We all know about Garland and Desoto but believe me there are a ton of super stars in the waiting for us to recruit.
You can modify your search by positions too.
We are about to enter the BIG12. I am sure our coaching staff would love to hear from you.


I’m sure the coaches don’t care for our opinion on who they should be recruiting lolz


Just say no.

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You can best help recruiting by keeping yourself away from any contact with HS players and letting the coaches do their jobs. I doubt there are any kids that the coaches are unaware of. HS coaches talk up anyone on their teams they think have a remote chance at playing college ball.


Everyone should stay in their own lane.


You can help recruiting by bringing friends to the game and asking them to bring their Friends to the game and donating to Coogfans and help build excitement about our program

  1. Travel back in time
  2. Become a stud football player
  3. Call CDH
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Go Coogs… Beat the heck out of the Bcats !

How can anyone help recruiting? Buy tickets and go the games. That is the non-sarcastic serious suggestion for you and everyone.

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Hear hear!

Dr Ruth westheimer would take callers and you could hear the caller, or the people standing next to the caller, giggling at some of the ignorant or obviously trolling questions the caller would ask.

But dr Ruth would answer professionally because she figured someone in the radio audience might actually want to know the answer in an educated way.