How can programs survive consolidation? Remember why we watch

Great article in DCTF this morning – who said we have to give a rip about the Super League?


That was beautiful.

Nailed it head on.

Excellent article. Keep it local and be free of espn and the demonic mouse.

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So what, we break off and do our own thing like the Ivy League did? I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed except our athletics budget would be decimated and we have spent millions at a loss on facilities upgrades and coaches chasing one of those P5 TV deals. All for naught I guess.

“The only thing that would cripple these teams is fans and alumni buying into the lie that their football suddenly doesn’t mater.”

I haven’t watched another team other than Houston - and occasionally Nebraska (my 2nd Bachelor) - in years. I couldn’t tell you who won or played in the national championship game in the last five years.


This article states what I’ve been trying to say a lot more eloquently than I could ever. Adding to his point, I think consolidating to some super conference won’t be of interest (real fan interest, not casual) to a large majority of CFB fans. CFB has always been regional. A super conference will end up the same albatross that the LHN has been.

It’s the same reason some BYU acquaintances gave me for not wanting to join the AAC (before this chaos). They could care less about NY6 bowl access than giving up their regional rivalry games, they were fine if they never got to NY6. Only reason they cared about getting into a P5 was $$$.

The sport that gets it right is NCAA basketball with March Madness. I think basketball could surpass CFB if all of this CFB consolidating goes through. There was a brief glimmer of hope with the playoff expansion discussion

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That’s the way it should be.

The idea of small regional conferences (TOLA) replacing the existing conferences once the 32 team ESPN-league comes into full fruition in 10 years is a most likely scenario.

Regional conferences stay under the NCAA umbrella while the ESPN-league would be autonomous and have their own NIL rules and 120 scholarships per school with $70M+ per year paychecks.

I needed that article.