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had a happy ending​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but definitely going to get checked out for a STD :flushed:

Like watching a Levine era win. We win but feel sick to my stomach.

1st Half

2nd Half


This is pretty spot on.

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Frustrated; that is all.

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Sad but we have to accept this team is mediocre. Hopefully this season is a transition year. Hope Big Ed is not seriously hurt.

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I felt grateful for the win.

I feel like we are in for a mediocre season. I see no guaranteed wins, not even ECU.

I feel that 18-22ish year olds are more likely to get into a funk if we start getting beat bad. I think the players should watch this clip on Dick Butkus. I think the players should watch this clip on Dick Butkus. Dick Butkus- NFL's best ever : professionals - YouTube . 9 years in the NFL, 7 losing seasons and the Bears were never a contender the other 2. Yet he always performed at the top of his game. The lesson from Butkus is to always perform to your best ability and don’t worry about the rest.

Lastly, I felt like many of you that our coaching staff, especially on offense, isn’t very good. On defense, I see LBs who are not as aggressive as they should be, DBs who all to often whiff on a tackle like they have their eyes closed. I had coaches in high school who would bench guys for doing that. This staff seems to tolerate it. Maybe they do remedial tackle at practice, but I’ll tell you what, if that aspect of our DB play doesn’t improve, we will get smoked by better teams. We almost got beat by a bad team yesterday.

We don’t play UCF unless we make it to the title game, thank goodness, but we do play USF, Tulsa, Navy, and SMU all of whom can and will make us look foolish if we don’t tackle better.

Also, SMU leads the conference in sacks.

KP did a real good job avoiding sacks vs Temple who is number 2. He’ll need to do more of the same. GW was sacked like 7 times last year. USF has 3 DBs with 8 INTs between them.

That could spell trouble especially if we can’t run the ball.

So ultimately, I feel like we are about to get punched in the face, maybe
Saturday. But I remain hopeful that this team turns out to be the kind that rises to level of it’s competition, as long as the coaches don’t screw it up with nonsensical play calling.


Here’s a good one with a Philly theme, h/t @crohou for the idea.

“When you win in Philly but the win is not pretty.”