How did the refs miss this one?

And the announcers? You only get one forward pass per play even if it’s behind the LoS.

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Holy cow that was cartoonishly missed by the refs

There were two forward passes, he crossed the line of scrimmage after catching the first one, and then illegal man downfield before the 2nd pass…there was a whole lotta WTF on that play…and no one appeared to realize what happened…I was like what did I just see???


Those refs were terrible both ways. They were calling holding early on and then just stopped. They missed a fumble by Tech in the first half. A couple of those PI calls on Houston were questionable at best.


I still have a question around the five minutes mark in the second quarter. Did their WR have possession and did we create a fumble? The announcers did not bring it up but the refs should have reviewed it.


I thought he fumbled. The radio guys were surprised it wasn’t reviewed. Might have been a spot where CMA should have called a timeout to see if they would review.


AAC refs…

We clearly got the bad batch for this game.

I thought it was incomplete.

AAC refs are horrible. Maybe we can get TSU to bring the refs next week.

This… and this … big time and this.

I guess I’m getting pro and college confused? We can’t challenge a call? play?

It looked like he made 2 strides with the ball in possession. It definitely looked like a “football move”.

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So USA Today and NBC Sports both have articles up talking about the refs screwing up and allowing us two forward passes, and them winning “in spite of” the refs.

So much for the refs being on their side!

are you a tech fan pretending to be a houston fan?


Joined 5 hours ago. Will keep an :eye: lol


No, are you? No one is discussing the play and several are talking like we got cheated by the refs so it seems relevant to me to bring this up.

Already has been…

your 1st 2 posts are defending tech (this and the other thread) joing 5 hours ago after we played tech…stop pretending… be genuine, you are a tech fan

and the fact, that your issue is the refs and defending tech fans and not our pass defense makes it very obvious

and who is talking about us being cheated by the refs??? that isnt even an issue, 99% of the convo is why we should fire our DC … you brought this up simply because you are tech fan and wanted to say we won despite this happening…

Where have I defended Tx Tech anywhere? I’m not sure I’ve even said their name. I did mention in the thread about their fans being classless about that topic being posted by the team who doesn’t win, and it’s true. It annoyed me a LOT when Louisville said it about our fans. Its sour grapes and you never see those threads posted by the winning team’s fans.

that thread and that picture started way before the game kicked off…and had nothing to do with win or lose

we just had the worst defensive effort in the last 14 years on a team we felt could be elite. but the day right after the game, you join the forum to post about 1 call to defend it for the other team when no one was blaming the refs and to defend the other teams fanbase…we aren’t gullible …you are a tech fan

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