How do I get rid of this at the top of the page?

The owner posts here and wants to keep the place afloat.

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I have never been to the Ritz nor do I intend to ever go there. However, I look at it just like thread I don’t wish to read, I just ignore them and not try to impose censorship on them.

I must admit though that I really love Ritz crackers.


Hey Mike, I’m more of Club Crackers myself.
Keebler brand I think :thinking:

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I like them too.

A well stocked larder will have Club Crackers, Ritz Crackers, and Saltine Crackers.

I’m just seeing this thread. We have paid for this banner for many years now. It started out when the owner of the site, who is a personal friend, and I were talking about how he could generate more income so the site could continue to operate. I’m sorry that some have a problem with the picture but probably not near as much of a problem as my wife, who’s picture is in the banner, will have if I tell her ! Go Coogs

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Thanks. Sorry if I asked improperly. I was honestly just trying to find out why. I was trying to get in trouble because of what jesse22 said. He was being cryptic

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And we thank you for supporting Coogfans and the Cougars.

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Kiss up

thank you

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Did you donate when the drive came around?

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What drive


What drive in coogsfans

I’m just here for basketball because I crave it

Meaning a lot of people donate here to keep the forum you love around. Didnt take but three seconds for me to realize ritz was a sponsor.

Thats why its here.

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