How do I get rid of this at the top of the page?

You can’t.

I believe it’s embedded in the coding.


Yes, step lightly when discussing that Sponser…bc that’s what they basically are here. I learned the hard way unfortunately :confused:.

That’s the sponsor? What do you mean step lightly?

I rather not get into it. In short I spoke in a negative way abt that type of establishment w/o knowing all the details of the situation. I got a beat down for it, from some on here who came to defense of said Sponser. I understood once they explained why/how they were a Sponser. Anyhooo no more from me on this.


Don’t know what you mean by “the details of the situation”. I’m not a fan of those establishments either. I’m almost tempted to antagonize to see what happens.

Good luck.

Thanks. I’l guess I’ll get started.

I thought I tore off all the plastic when I got my computer. I didn’t realize there was more.

To be interested in the Ritz you have to be gay because there’s so many women who look like dudes with all the plastic surgery.

Those women have fathers and are children of God! Do y’all have no shame?

Ok I’ll think of more but good start. Hopefully I uncover the truth soon.

Doesn’t show up when using the phone


You’re right

They pay to be there.

I’m just trying to get in trouble because jesse22 wouldn’t say why they were paying to be here.

Why do they though?

Just a wild guess, they think they get a fair value for their advertising dollar. Why do you think they do.

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I don’t know that’s why I’m askign

see previous answer

Why do they want to adverstise here though?


[quote=“OldtimeCoog, post:17, topic:44028”]
Just a wild guess, they think they get a fair value for their advertising dollar.