How Houston plans to use new redshirt rule

“Some teams will try and have a crystal ball and say ‘well this game or that game we should be able to play our freshman,’” Applewhite said. "I don’t get into that. We’ll look at our freshmen game-by-game and see when they need to play. We’ll be ready to play all of them, because we want all of them to get experience.

“All of them should capitalize off that four-game rule just so they know the speed of it and how they need to prepare in the offseason.”


Navy’s Ken Niumatalolo
“I’m part of the AFCA [American Football Coaches Association] board of trustees. It was unanimous that everybody thought it was a great idea. It just makes so much sense that a kid should be able to play and not lose his redshirt year. We’re really, really excited about it. There’s so much benefit that’s happened in this game but it’s still about the players.