How many of our guys have access to courts?

just curious, anyone know how many of our guys have access to basketball facilities to improve/stay in basketball shape

from social media :

  • sasser works with his dad at some gym almost every day
  • hintons dad’s church has a basketball court (likely outdoor), he has his KOD trainer guy, and also regularly doing yoga
  • dejon is in some combine training program/facility in houston - but mostly workout stuff-- no clue if he has access to a court
  • gresham has noted he is working out, (running, burpees)- but has also tweeted asking if there are gyms that are open in houston

no clue about the rest. anyone with insight?

ecu’s head coach did a interview yesterday, noted how its completely on the kids to work right now. that probably not all of them are, that some wont be in shape to start summer practices and will be behind (whenever that officially starts)

getting up shoots is probably one of the biggest things this teams needs …galen doing 500 shots a day around this time 2 years ago was major part of his improvement as a shooter

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Hintons dad’s church is pretty nice so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s indoors. I did some research (quarantine boredom) and they did a 3.6 million dollar expansion in 2015.

Powell seems to be outdoors running on track for workouts via his twitter.

No idea on anyone else

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Plenty of elementary schools have outddoor courts and so do parks so that is not a problem if you are just looking for a place to practice. So do churches.

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every public outdoor court in the city of houston have had their rims taken down…same for a lot of cities

I have a goal in my back yard…oh you were talking about the Coogs players…(lol) :stuck_out_tongue:

Gyms in TX re-open May 18th… Not sure about GVL Practice Facility

Restrictions apply: 25% capacity, no showers or locker rooms

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Basketball courts probably will be closed still

My guess is they’ll open up the GVL if there are enough players in town to get use out of it, but it will be similar restrictions to what the NBA plans to implement. Very few ppl allowed in at once and mainly just shooting workouts.


Looks like Coach Bishop was working out at the GVL today (instagram), so presumably the players could access it if they wanted.

As far as I know there is still strict restrictions in place for Team sport activities. Whether it may practice etc. I think 4 people are most allowed in a setting.