How much $ is UH getting from the 2019 Kickoff Game?

Well I trust president Khator and the BOR since it’s their job and they know more about these things than us fans on this board.


Hmmmmmm. Can we play Night Train Lane as a transfer grad or if he didn’t finish school?
We are going to need him. I’m an old guy.

Why not be the Friday night game for the kickoff classic every year for that amount of money. That would give the hotels in Houston 3 out of town fan bases coming in for that weekend.

Makes too much sense to me.

A full house at TDECU where the average fan spends a 100 per person.

41000 * 100 = 4,100,000

Yes, that’s a POTENTIAL gross, but what is the net once you subtract costs or consider that the school doesn’t get the entire $100 as it goes through Aramark or Fanatics first.

At 20%, they would pay out 820000 to the 3rd parties and keep, 3820000. I seriously hope UH is not giving away more than 20% for parking, food and beverage.

Enough to justify moving the game.