How to disable notifications going to email



You many options to choose from including no emails. Fine grain control!


Log into your account under preferences and choose disable notifications(Desktop Notifications)

From my preferences page, I cannot uncheck the box indicated below. And so I get an e-mail for every new post.

I took care of it for you. Please let me know if anything changes. Thanks again for posting.

Thank you!!

I have the same problem CR did. The box is checked, and when I T click on it to uncheck it (doesn’t work), it asks if I’m sure I want messages emailed to me. I’ve gotten about 20 or so today. Any help appreciated.


I’m having the same problem that SamHouston1 is having.


Same here.


We have set the default new behavior to be no email. Already registered we may have to change for you.

I have the same problem too. Please fix it for me. Thanks in advance.

I fixed your preferences.

Same here… Can you please fix my settings?

I joined today and received over 50 emails. Please change my setting and fix it for everyone

Mfeezy, we are well aware of the problem and worked all day to fix it. All new users by default don’t receive emails now. Also there is a bug in the preferences we were not aware until today.

I changed your settings. Thanks.

I have also received over 50 emails yesterday/today since joining. Hello

Your done. Should be good to go.

PortlandCoog will you adjust my set up also? thx.

Looks like your good to go.

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Please fix my preference also. Thx

Also requesting the same. Tried to do it myself in Safari and Chrome. Thanks.

I cannot un check my emails.

Fixed you up.


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