How to turn off emails

I’m getting emails for every new post to the site. How do I turn them off?

I tried going into settings, and unchecking “Send me an email for every new post” which gives me a popup saying “Are you sure you want to be notified for every post”. Regardless of whether I click yes or no, it stays checked.

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Click on your name/avatar in the top corner, click on your user name, click on preferences. All of these are listed there.

I tried but it wasn’t working. It wouldn’t uncheck. Maybe a java problem on my end. Anyway, it looks like someone turned it off for me. Thanks to whoever did that!

CoogDU I will take care of it for you. There is a bug in the software.

Can you also turn off my email notifications too. The site will not allow me to turn it of.

Me too. Seems like a site wide problem. Another post said they are working thru some glitches.

I am getting all posts in email as well.

Ok you all should be good to go.

I am getting the same email notifications and can’t uncheck the box.

Took care of it Chris.

I’m getting the same. PLease turn mine off.


Ditto Ray Ray.


Kindly turn off my emails as well. Unable to do so under preferences. Thanks in advance.


CoogFansAdmin please turn off my email too. I tried doing it myself but it wouldn’t work.


Same here


Yep Me 2. Please make it stop. Thanks


Put me on the list too. Make the emails stop


Yes could also uncheck my box as well? Thanks!


Please turn off my emails too, thanks

And mine … thanks … :slight_smile: