How UH's plan to upgrade non-conference schedule is taking shape

UH athletic director Chris Pezman said recently the school is committed to annually filling its non-conference schedule with attractive opponents.

“We’re absolutely going to schedule up,” Pezman said. “We’re not stepping back from anybody.”

UH has booked non-conference schedules through 2023 with home-and-home series against Power Five schools Texas Tech and Kansas (Big 12), Utah and Colorado (Pac-12), Vanderbilt (SEC) and independent BYU.

Group of Five schools on the schedule through 2027 include Boise State, UTSA, Georgia Southern and renewal of the Bayou Bucket with crosstown rival Rice.

Pezman said he had recent talks with a school (he did not name) for a game in … 2032.


What’s our availability looking like from now till 2032…

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This site only goes through 2027.

2020: Rice, at WSU, North Texas, at BYU

2021: Boise St., at Rice, Texas Tech, at Vanderbilt

2022: at UTSA, at Texas Tech, Kansas, Rice

2023: UTSA, at Rice, at Kansas, BYU

2024: at UTSA, at Boise St., Open, Open

2025: UTSA, Colorado, Open, Open

2026: Utah, at Colorado, at Georgia Southern, Open

2027: at Utah, Georgia Southern, Open, Open

No OOC scheduled after 2027.


Dang…2032 lol

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We won’t be making any playoff conversations with that schedule but who knows. I think our priorities right now are simply to establish our brand and gain noteriety for any pending conference shake ups. I’m cool with it. Besides if the playoff expands to 8 this is all moot.

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You never know some of those teams could improve their stock by the time we play them.

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I agree.

Like us!

So root for Les to do more with less at KU?



This looks like the scheduling is going back to the Dana Dimel days :pensive:

Does that mean you expect us to lose?

I feel like is we’re going to book OoC schools they should be teams that are competitive in their conference, unlike Kansas, vandy, Colorado, Rice, utsa, gsu

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Why would we want to schedule OU, Ohio State or Alabama every year? It gains us nothing since the playoff is 4 teams and not letting us in anyway.

The playing field isn’t even since we do not have a chance at the same kind of recruits that they do especially since we do.not have a chance at winning a national championship.

I think we should schedule low to middle of the road P5s and be done with it until they expand the playoffs to 8 or more teams or we join a P5.


Money. Press.


Oh, how could I forget about the all mighty dollar? :man_facepalming:t3:

exactly…press, exposure and respect. ALSO playing better teams early on just make the team better

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You guys know that we can’t just schedule whoever we want; the other team has to agree, as well, right?

And it’s not like it’s an equitable process. Financially, some schools don’t have to (financially) and therefore don’t accept even (home and home) scheduling.

Other P5 schools have a large group of people wanting to schedule them. I’d imagine the middle and bottom of most P-5 conferences have requests for games quite a bit. Who here wouldn’t want a home and home with Illinois or Northwestern or Tennessee or Cal or the like?

So you’ve got to come up with some enticement. You give them more games than they give you. You get a payday on national TV like this Friday’s game. Some schools (like Houston) can offer opposing coaches a chance to visits recruits in their homes in fertile recruiting grounds that they might not otherwise easily have access to. Or the G-6 teams sucks so bad so regularly that the P-5 team has not real concerns about winning those games with you. Or you’re such a good G-6 team that the P-5 teams don’t really fear being hammered by the polls or their fans should they lose to the G-6 team (Boise State or UCF and maybe some others).

A good AD tries to develop relationships with other schools’ ADs with the hope that these relationships bear scheduling fruit some time in the future. I think Pezman’s time in the Pac 12 is helping in this regard.

Our future schedule is not bad. It’s been worse in the past. As long as we make an effort to stay away from FCS games in the future, I’m not going to complain.


I wonder if Pez has tried to schedule Baylor? That would be an easy drive and could turn into a good series. Surely Mack Rhodes has to throw us a bone and play us, right?

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