How well do we match up against Baylor?

I don’t know what to expect

BU should have a potent offense and solid defense. I think they will be challenging for the B12 title, but will not beat OU. They will fight TCU and UT for 2nd place. It will be a tough game that will show well for us when we win on the road.


Baylor does not have Matt Rhulle as coach. Dave Arranda came from LSU where he was defensive coordinator. So it’s an unknown as to what Baylor will do. Arranda was a solid d’ coordinator at a school that won a national championship. The Bears have liked to air it out in the last several seasons on offense. Who knows?

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Fedora is the Ocoordinator.

Yes, but they do have Larry Fedora as OC. They also have an experienced and very good QB in senior Charlie Brewer. BU also has a good defense for Aranda to work with and he can make them better.

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I tend to think there are some unknowns for Baylor! New H.C. who has never been a head coach before! I think that they have a couple advantages in that they now have a little bit of a winning tradition over the past few years & they are playing at home. I know there won’t be a lot of fans there but it is still home!
We have more overall experience & this can be a great opportunity for our COOGS! You never know with first games especially when both teams are not having that much time to prepare for each other!

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They lost a lot of starters whereas we he bring a lot back and added a bunch who would have been starters.

As I said elsewhere, get Marquez in space against those NINE NEW defensive starters.

That should make life interesting!

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Seeing as we haven’t played yet, I don’t know how anyone can answer this question.

Those 9 new starters on defense didn’t just ride in on the turnip truck. Most, were in last years 2 deep rotation. They have 3 seniors, 6 juniors, and 2 sophs. I don’t know how many had redshirt years.

On offense, the 4 new starters (3 OL & 1 WR) 3 are juniors and 1 is a senior WR.

My feeling is that our players are just as curious as we are.

I’m curious to see how our O-line holds up. To be honest, I’m a little nervous.

That good Baylor defense lost 9 senior starters and will be rebuilding…We should be able to take advantage in their first game, because our offense figures to be real good…Now stopping Baylor? That is another question all together. If our defense plays well, we have good chance to win…I also doubt theyll be respecting us much, at game’s start…