How will the American play out

Looks like it will be tough to get the championship game.
Tulane 3-0 but play UCF, SMU at home and Cincy on the road to end the season.
UFC is 2-0. they destroyed SMU and Temple.
Cincinnati is 2-0 but only played USF and Tulsa so far and they were close

Those three are the obvious front runners. We need two of these teams to get multiple losses and us not to lose anymore. Not sure it will happen but still a lot of games left.

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Let’s beat Navy first. If we lose, we’ll sink right back into the despair of week before last.


Some of you guys make Joe Btfsplk look like the Blue Bird of happiness.


Maybe UH should concentrate on trying to beat Knavy? That ridiculously overpaid coaching staff should start coaching now.


Thanks for staying on topic and adding to the discussion.
If you you really needed to bash the coaching staff, you will find plenty of threads on that discussion already.
But i thought some Coogfans might want to discuss how they see the conference playing out abd where the losses for other teams might come


Who is joe btfsplk?


Character from the very old Lil’ Amber comic strip who was sort of a human jinx.


Ahh… thanks


We need to just take care of business and hopefully we get some help down the line.


UCF and Cincinnati play each other. One gets a loss.

Tulane easily could lose 2.

If we win out we finish with 1 conference loss, same as the loser of the UCF-Cincinnati game. And we play neither.

Let’s just guess final rankings are:

UCF 8-0

Cincinnati 7-1

Houston. 7-1

How does the AAC tie-breaker then work? Higher rank in the CFP rankings? If so, we lose.


It goes by overall record so Cinci would host


If a school goes undefeated in conference they host unless there is another undefeated team.

Then tie-breakers apply.

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So we need another loss for Cincy. They play at SMU this week. The rest are at home except Temple. If Tulane can beat Cincy then their only loss will be UFC. That Tulane at Cincy season ender might actually decide who is in the title game unless some upsets happen. I hate pulling for SMU but not sure who else can beat these top three teams

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At this point I would be happy with 8-4. If we win out even better but @SMU & @ECU seem like landmine games.


I agree we always play like crap @SMU

At SMU definitely will be tough

And at ECU

Losing to Tulane is “tough cheese” per a former Head Coach

Our odds to make the Title Game are low but not impossible

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Just win. A lot.

I thought ECU would be stronger this year. Only scored 9 vs Tulane and lost to Navy

They won in overtime vs Memphis last night and their QB is good.

Head to head record if they faced each other, CFP rankings if they didn’t

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