How will XFL & TDECU be affected?

Has the XFL made any kind of announcement about games and caronavirus?

I’m sure the XFL continues on until doing so affects or calls attention to the WWE

They will probable cancel all games, season…

xfl won’t survive if they cancel the games…that’s the issue there.

Well if you don’t let spectators in and have the players wear surgeons mask under the helmets, they could still play the games for TV.

They could pump in crowd noise in favor of the home team.

Nice. TV ratings are going to be insane.

Well, I guess we still have golf to watch, but without spectators after today for a while. There is no problem with close contact of golfers.

Roughnecks are 2020 XFL Champions! Woohoo!!


Is that official or just something you’re saying?

Undefeated baby!!!

Going to be boring around here for a while…

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No lie.

PGA just canceled everything between Players Championship thru Texas Open.

It hasn’t been officially announced, but they had the best record when the season was suspended, so…

XFL players are being released to sign with NFL teams, so I guess we have to say goodbye to P. J. Walker. He was fun to watch.


League did it’s job well when you start seeing players move up. Can’t wait to see the batch of players that move down and try to make their way back to the NFL and the wave If college players that didn’t make it and will use the XFL as their recruiting film. The XFL could have a great niche if they play their cards right.


Wow pass out the championship hats and shirts. First title since 1961 lol

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