How would BYU and UH fare in the Big 12 this year?

Just saw this article. Glad someone else sees FPI for the total crap it is. The rest of the article way underestimates CTH’s ability to prepare for teams.

Good Lord, 4 and 5? Ridiculous. Yes, depth usually separates most P5 from G5 teams but Houston has plenty of depth this year. I’m also amused by the attitude that the talent level is so much greater in the Big 12 when reality says they have several bottom feeders and despite the fact that UH out recruited most of the Big 12 this past year. Even before this year the talent gap wasn’t that big. Regardless, UH went 4-0 against 4 top 25 teams and beat FSU in Peach bowl. Personally I think the big 12 is overrated. And if they liquor spirals out there will come down to Oklahoma and TCU for the conference.

don’t recall taking any time to adjust to play in the swc… winning 3 of 4 titles in the first 4 years…I think we would be just fine.

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Better question, how would the little 10 do against a pair of cougars?

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