HS football coach insight from attending UH camp last week

Posted on Texags from an Aggie grad that attended our camp last week. He was upbeat about A&M’s prospects and he was asked what he thought about the UH camp/prospects. Speculation runs rampant. If CTH moves on in the next few years, would Applewhite be a decent replacement?

“They did seem upbeat at UH. They are coming off of a very good season and are building on that. Herman seems like a nice guy, I don’t know him very well. And he is a very good coach. I believe he will jump when the right offer comes. He seems to be grooming Applewhite to take over. Herman wasn’t very hands on around the camp. Applewhite really was running everything, but that is not unusual. But you just get the feel Applewhite believes he will be the guy in a short matter of time.”

I read this and a few things come to mind.

  1. Aggies can’t see anything except through maroon colored glasses. It is an extremely rare occasion that any one of them can be rational when it comes to college football. I have a many ag friends.
  2. Applewhite, based on interviews and a few times I’ve seen him speak in person seems like a career Coordinator BUT if he can loosen up a little, I can see him growing into a HC. Applewhite as a hands on camp coordinator is perfect. Herman, not being hands on during camp and most likely recruiting while the camp is running sounds legit to me.
  3. Herman: I get the exact opposite feel from him than this guy does. I do think Herman will move at some point but I don’t think he is itching to jump. Houston provides him with a lot of life pluses other locations can’t. That being said, other places give him that opportunity too. I don’t see college station as being a family destination for him.
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Same old stuff that was said last season by a bunch of people who were wrong as well. They didn’t recognize the circumstances at UH and still dont. He’s not leaving.

I agree. I think most of us will agree that CTH will leave at some point but he’s shown that he loves the city and the university. I think he’ll stay a good while. Ags and horns as well as the South Carolinas of the world will always believe CTH will come to their school, it borders delusion. It’s hilarious.

You guys crack me up! You fall in love with coaches. Let’s just love our university, it will always be there for us. Enjoy the ride!


I also see Applewhite as a career coordinator, he’s not the face of a program like Herman, not even close.

Kinda like Kliff Kingsbury huh? Oh wait…

Never said such a thing.

I also glean a couple things from this. First, the guy is an Aggie and has a bit of disdain for any other’s success. He respects the UH program or he wouldn’t be at the camp. He knows CTH is a rock star, probably didn’t see him much and thinks he’ll leave. Aggy got Sumlin for about $2M in year one. We’re now paying CTH over $3M.

Seeing the pictures and news from camp, not sure where this guy was. Herman addressed the players before and after the camp, personally shook the hands of every player that attended and was on the field the entire time. He did just come out of surgery on his shoulder which may have caused him to be subdued a bit, but he also believes in his coaches and staff and wants to show them off.

Sounds like an Aggie throwing shade.

Your post is confounding. What about my post says I’ve fallen in love with any coach?

What’s wrong with showing some love to the coaches? I’ll send good feelings to everybody that works for our university, from the UH police to the custodians to the faculty. People choose where they wanna be, if they choose us, I’ll choose to love them.
Unless it’s Art Briles.


It’s called damning with faint praise. He can’t totally ignore what is going on at UH, but he sure as heck would like to.

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I can’t remember where I saw this, but someone claimed that some of the same Aggy donors who approached Sumlin back in '11 had sent feelers to Herman and come away thinking he wasn’t interested and wanted to make UH the next Miami. Have no idea if there’s not a single grain of truth to that or if there’s a storeroom full. Hopefully the latter.

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