HS stats for Shead, Mark and Powell




The program is in really good shape. We are (in my estimation) one of the top 32 programs in the country… which means we are a consistent tournament team and a regular second weekend team. If the stars align…


Tramon Mark is having a colossal big senior year. He’s been shooting lights out the last month and is shooting around 40 percent from the 3pt line for the season.


24/7 has him ranked at number 68 nationally for his class. I do believe the student athletes are re-ranked near the end of the high school basketball season. IMHO, we might have a top 50 kid. Just kinda cool. He’s a baller either way. 68 or top 50.

Correct. I think he will be somewhere around low 40’s.

Funny, but all I ever wanted was to be a consistent tourney team. So many years when that was just dreaming. I hope Jr. is studying dad the way Washington’s coach studied Boeheim all those years.

Powell’s 10 RBs and 7 blocks a game sounds like a fusion of white and Harris.

If you watch closely, Jr. runs the team tons during games. At this point, I’m totally comfortable with him taking the reins over when Sr. decides to step away. I think we’re in great hands.

I don’t think Sr. Ain’t going No where for the next 5 years health permitted. Either way, we’re in good hands :raised_hands: like All-State


Let’s hope so…I have a feeling Tillman’s “other” more expensive hoops team will have an opening in May.

Then who coaches the coogs…he wouldn’t dare! His son is not ready to run the ship…If Sampson wants that to happen…and we all know that to be true…he’s sticking around for a while!

You better stop! Right now man. We don’t need to hear that ish. That would fire me up. I too believe that junior is not ready or I love so much what sr has done that I’m not ready to let go. We have a good thing going. We might be able to pull in some real studs for the 2021 class. #cantwait!


Honesty the Roockets position has been in the back of my mind since Sampson signed. The only thing we have to fear if anything. That why I was hoping the extension got done with the Rockets, but I am thinking there is a decent chance he is gone regardless.

I don’t see CKS leaving for Rockets based off his interview where he said his dad told him he was meant to be a college coach before he died. Also he has the program at spot where he is getting good recruits, so he can legitimately go for a final four run again.

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I don’t see it being a good move for the Rockets or Cougar’s perspective unless Kelivin just wants to step aside for his son. But I will be releiver when they make a hire and Sampson is not involved in the process.