HUB Construction Cam

They put a camera up of the HUB construction

I like checking in on these from time to time. Law Center, Med School, and Hilton expansion also there.


Thanks for posting. Kinda sad to see it go.

That’s going to be one massive hole to fill in. Thousands of dump
truck loads will be needed.

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They just need to cover it up without filling it in.


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I check in on these construction cams as well.
Actually drove through campus today and took a look at the construction areas and street renovations. The Medical and Law schools are looking great and should have the perimeter fences down very soon, The improved roads roads snd sidewalks in front of Pinks, Nooks add a much better view to the area. On a side note Nooks is supposed to open up the rooftop portion of their establishment this week do check it out if you get a chance.The sidewalk added from the med school to the bayou helps to extend the footprint of the campus.

The new Cullen improvements should be right in front of the stadium during the season. At least it will be all done for our first season in the Big 12.

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*The Medical Facility is done
*The Law building is about to take away the remaining fences and be done.
*The Hilton project will be completed about the end of this year.
*There are several off but really on campus housing projects that will be completed by the end of this semester or the spring
*The.Cullen project will be completed next summer in time for our first BIG 12 season.
*The old Satellite, now the HUB, is well under way
*We will be announcing a timeline in the very near future for our football operations building and AC renovations.

  • Not exactly sure when but at some point should be announcing the demolition of the Moody Towers and construction of new student housing facilities in its place.

I hope they build new towers. Probably will be whatever makes the most sense though

Hate to see the tallest buildings on campus coming down. Unless they have structural
problems, I’d like to see them kept as low cost option for on campus students.
( Not my photo )


Hard to charge the type of money for what the towers give. Kids today don’t want communal baths and toilets, for example.

One of the towers is permanently closed but have yet to hear anything about a full closure and rebuild process.