Hugh Freeze

gotta imagine theres several teams watching him this year. I say Coogs go after him, early if you have too. Coaches that can beat Sabin are few and far between.

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Hugh Freeze did well at the chumpy lil lower division school and at ArkSt … then he …

FLOPPED BIG TIME at Ole Miss 4 out of 5 years

Is doing fair to midland at the LynchEmHigh Vir. Falwell school … BECAUSE … they are playing chumpy schools and good schools having bad years …

NOPE I pass on him … Next …


He didn’t flop at ole miss lmao! He beat Bama twice and won a sugar bowl. He also had back to back 9 win seasons was ranked #3 in both and he went to the peach bowl the year before he won the sugar.

He did extremely well at ole miss. He had recruiting violations that made him vacate the wins. But essentially his violations were paying players something that is basically ok now under the NIL rules.

The reason he got fires though was using his athletic assigned phone to hire escorts for himself like an idiot.

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And what did it get him … a 12 - 25 record at OleMiss … an eventual ticket to Palookaville and Falwell’s chumpy school …

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He didn’t have a 12-25 if you include the vacated wins.

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Uhhh I didn’t give him those losses … but they are official …

Recruiting violations … eh … and hiring escorts … sorry just more reasons NOT to have him here …

And to think that baptist school must have been very desperate to have hired him … “holier than thou” Falwell must be turning in his grave …


Except his recruiting violations are legal now. So that only leaves the escort issue. An issue which he rightfully faced consequences for. If he has learned from that there is no reason to continue to hold it agains him. And who cares about his religion, why are people so obsessed with his religion? Who cares?

And they are not losses they are vacated wins. If he has his wins back his record is 39-25.

The only good reason not to hire him would be the escort issue. If he has shown that is still a problem and hasn’t learned.

Other than that there is absolutely no reason he shouldn’t be a top candidate.

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We need a HC with an emaculate record regardless … with not a taint of controversy in his past …

Freeze I don’t doubt can coach but he is too controversial …

I suspect our admin will NOT consider him when Fritzy and Traylor are available


If you want to be like texans and basically win nothing all the time than ya fine. Personally winning should be all that matters. As long as the mistakes were not some terrible crime like murder or something and If the coach has proved he has learned from his mistakes then it shouldn’t matter. Unless we have reason to believe be will do something illegal or harm the program or hurt people it shouldn’t matter. The only controversy surrounding him is his religious views which once again shouldn’t matter.

And fritz is should only be considered if you want a coach that’s never won 8 games at an FBS level. Ya I bet the fans will be real excited for a coach whos only been better than 6-6 twice.

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Did he know he couldn’t use that phone to hire escorts? Maybe it was an oversight.

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He actually claimed to have dialed the wrong number. Lol

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Good coach, there would be some bad PR but not to the extent Briles would bring.

Paying players is legal and soon prostitution will be. Don’t condemn a man for being ahead of his time.


I hope that is never the case. Any crime less than
murder is okay , as long as we win ?!?! If we let that
be our guiding standard, I’m not sure I want to personally support such an endeavor ; but to each their own.

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I don’t think Jesus is interested in coaching football these days

It will be 5 or 6 years removed from the escort stuff which I assume he has resolved that issue. Recruit violations are kinda irrelevant these day since there is an avenue for kids to get money now and it’s no secrete schools pay for kids regardless

If teams have done their DD there’s no reason he’s not at the top schools candidant list.

How did we ever deal with the show cause coach kicked out of the ncaa that we hired. The bad press was almost overwhelming…

And. you know this for certain … because …

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Please point where I said anything less than murder is ok… I guess you missed the part where I clarified that as long as the crime wasn’t something terrible and not necessarily just murder the murder was just an example of a horrible crime that can’t be overlooked in any situation. There is a difference between someone who steals candy from a store and someone who steals candy and then beats the crap out of an employee.

I also specifically stated that as long as he doesn’t do anything illegal on top of the previous requirements we should be willing to overlook his past IF he can show that he has learned from his mistakes.

Because Jesus knows he would have an unfair advantage. And he is all about being fair.