Hunter Biden new book deal

That’s great, I’m sure it was the same. I remember the media dogging Kyle everyday

Big difference between Capitalism and corruptionism🤣

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You just make up a word? Or are you describing the Trumps

I did but it sounds good

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I will agree with you that President’s kids should be off limits in the media but she wasn’t and neither was Barron Trump… But they’re still both extremely privileged people.

Barron? I never saw anything about him. I’ll give Melanie credit on that

Melanie was trashed


This is just after one minute of searching.

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I didn’t see the Peter Fonda one. Surprising because us liberals follow everything he says. The judge made a remark about Trump that used his son’s name as allusion to corruption, not an attatck and certainty nothing to compare to the way the conservative media harassed the young Clinton. Nice try though Chris, but no this not case where the liberal media went after Barron. They already had plenty of ammo on other things.

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Keep “mixing it” the way you want it.

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Calling teenage girls ugly, that’s the side i want to be on


What are you doing Chris, ohh changing the subject, got it. Should i now post Trump on the escalator saying the teenage girl is going to be sexy when she gets old. Or Maybe all the times Trump talked about how he would date his own daughter. Gross. Lets not instead.


Hey this is him in action.

But he never had to pay a porn star off, now there is some action. Poor Melanie. Keep em coming Chris

I don’t care who you voted for but this is hilarious

Who cares about Hunter Biden?

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Do you care about our national security…what he and the big guy did is very dangerous and extremely illegal.

Do your best to explain that