Hunter Biden new book deal

He’s a talented guy

Sex sells!

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The secret service is now saying they can’t find hunter biden’s records between 2010 and 2011…
How is that even possible. Why do you think that is the case?
Our very own fbi director christopher wray is releasing tear drops information on the matter.
Cover up does not even define it.

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Does the big guy get 10% of that deal? Hunter is a real renaissance man, artist and writer, perhaps next he will get into poetry or cooking, maybe even Brewing his own IPA.


Eh, wife inheritance , commonly practiced around the world. Nothing to see here.

Who in the hell is actually buying this book… Please let me read about privileged Hunter Biden… As soon as I finish that I’m going to run out and buy the Chelsea Clinton biography… Those are two really inspirational stories of American grit and relentlessness turning into success…

Oh wait… Nevermind… It’s a bunch of BS about a spoiled rich kid… Hard Pass.

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I’m sure he’s thanking you all for the free publicity for his book.

No need to throw Chelsea in there. And i doubt many people wouod trade with her, that spotlight as a teenager couldn’t have made life easy.

I said what I said… Nobody more priveleged than her in this country… B.O.R.I.N.G.

Nobody? What a joke

Who, pray tell, has been given more privileged opportunity than her in this country?

I’ll be here waiting…

You do realize these kinds of book deals are just off the books campaign donations, right…?

Nobody gives a damn about these spoiled brats.

Same deal with the Bush clan except for H. W. and he was still from a wealthy family.

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Correct, no one wants this. No one wants rich spoiled politician kids history or opinions

Wherever this gets published replace RNC with DNC and Trump Jr. With Hunter Biden. Though certain media ecosystems are going be way more outragey about it.


Yes she had the privilege of being called ugly by Rush and having the whole country know about her parents affair. I’m sure you would have turned out so much better under the same circumstances.
The question of who is more privileged than her is laughable. Go attack somebody that deserves it

Like I said… Defacto campaign donations.

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I am.

What privilege? Those Clinton sure do rile up people. I guess they can’t be capitalist but everyone else can. Hypocrisy

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I never said they couldn’t be capitalist… But just landing $600k jobs because of your last name is called privilege.

Getting into all of the bedt schools because of your last name is called privilege… Come on.

Matter of fact my parents had affairs… Go ahead and call me ugly… I’ll take the check… :rofl: