Hurting, time to kill Memphis

It’s 1 game season. You definitely burn Clayton Tune’s redshirt. Do whatever you have to do to give us best chance to win at Memphis regardless of what SMU does vs Memphis and Tulsa.

All of us are hurting for D’Eriq King, P. Turner, the long list of football players who have battles injuries and kept playing. I love these guys! Turner was in a boot earlier this season and is still out there playing and now in a boot again. It’ has to be tough as a coach and player leader to motivate the guys, knowing players we have many players who are really really hurting and playing hurt for the team, every week… playing for each other while a guy with all the God given talent in the world and healthy has chosen not play, only for himself. Not saying Ed is’nt doing the smart thing (he is!) but he should NOT be in front of the team casually running and jumping on the field during pre-game and then refusing to take off a jacket intended to warm players actually playing in the game. Major did the right thing. I respect him more for it.


If Ed plays against Memphis, do folks that are upset with him change their mind?


I dont think he plays if SMU wins

If Memphis wins, i give it a 30% chance he plays

who is’nt upset with Ed? If you don’t think Ed was wrong then something is wrong with you.


I am upset with him because he is not playing when it is obvious that he can. So if he plays, then I won’t be upset at him. The jacket thing was a symptom of the real problem.

I understand the draft stuff, but I have found that money all works itself out, just go and do the right thing. People will reward you.

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Wrong about not playing or wrong about the jacket incident? After seeing the play that injured him, I can understand him sitting out.

I feel that Ed made a mistake and is getting bad advice. I’m not raging mad at him, just hoping for an amicable resolution to the situation.

Ed needs to apologize to the team and coach, come out and play against Memphis and the bowl game and show that is not who he is as a player. In the NFL that will get you fined and benched. I know he is young, but he does have to show it, he needs to show he is ready for the NFL.


I’m not mad at Ed. I am disappointed in the situation that he is at the center of. However, he can fix it. Ed declared for the draft before the season to avoid becoming a distraction. Whether it is his fault or not, he has become a distraction. I think he should apologize and go play against Memphis. Or, he should apologize and withdraw from the team to prepare for his professional future. The longer the guessing game continues the more the situation is on him, imo.


I’m not a x’s and o’s guru, but what about letting Ed play DE? Would there be less risk there for grinding double / triple teams (or maybe same at DE in 3-4)? Also maybe give him a chance to show some rush / open space ability for scouts (or would that expose lack of technique?)


You are right on the money. Last night was Ed making it all about him. I am not mad at him. Either he plays or goes and gets ready for the NFL. He needs to decide. Some on the team are resentful especially with all the injuries that Ed is choosing not to play.

You guys really think all he has is a bruised knee ?? You saw the block. If all he has is a bruised knee, then he is a tuff muther !!

CMA is the one who said it was a bruise.

I ain’t buying that.

It is EO’s call …IMHO.


If it is so serious, why is he running passing routes before the game, jumping 2 ft in the air to high point the ball?


And I thought his parents took out some kind of insurance policy. probably not for 10’s of millions though.

I think most people are upset with the way he handled that situation. I can say I’m not upset with Ed at all. He just didn’t handle that well. He’s still a fantastic player and I’ve been thrilled to be able to watch him play.

Thanks for everything either way Ed!

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I’m certainly upset with Ed’s actions. His playing won’t change my opinion in that regard. That said, I certainly hope that he plays simply because I believe that it will increase our chances of winning.

I never believe it was just a bruise. That came from CMA. I think he said it that way to protect EO.

I have to admit that I was surprised he was not wearing a brace after the Navy game. Of course, maybe they would just wear a brace if playing.

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Oh really, he has been cleared to play by the doctors and then leaped around before the game last night showing off some of his athletic skills. Yes, that was a cheap shot by Navy and scary at that…but he will get that and more in the pros.
And if that scary play or minor injury keeps him from playing, then maybe Chambers and the rest of the team that is banged up should do the same next year…
Hoping here that Ed and coach talk and Oliver apologizes and then offers to play, especially if SMU gets beat Saturday…

Yes… really.

SMU game is tonight.