Huuuuuuuuuuuummmppppp this loss suuuuucksss!

Good game, good crowd, good opponent, just didn’t catch the breaks. I’m hoping we can learn from this and grow.

Man, it looked like the moment was too big for some of our guys!!! Anywho, fml… :rofl:


I’m still a little bitter.


This was my view of the game. Alabama jerks refused to sit down.

Wonder who sold them their tickets… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wouldn’t allow that

how do you stop it?

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Tell them to sit tf down.

It’s better to get a loss or two now instead of going undefeated and then lose in the Tournament


I think Fertitta security will come down and ask them to seat themselves. Its nuanced but you really can’t block the view of a purchasing ticket holder the entire game or even large portions of it.

I’m pretty sure there is an inconvenience clause in the ticket purchase where it states you can’t use your ticket to inconvenience or otherwise obstruct others.

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I did and they said they paid a lot of money for the seats and they could stand if they wanted.

We have bad luck against TxTech in Football, and now against Alabama in Basketball smh

But did you get security to ask them to sit

no, I didn’t think they would do anything.

Wow that really sucks. They are a$$holes if you asked them. Kudos to you for not going viral video level mad at them.


I actually agree with them… I feel like if you pay for tickets you can stand the entire game…

That being said… If you ask me nicely because you can’t stand due to age/physical issues… I will accomodate…


Pricks. Hurts even more that we lost. Frak.