Hype, Hope and Holgorsen

The head coach before Applewhite came in with so much hype and spent a lot of energy to inspire players and fans to believe in the program. He truly busted his butt and that led to the city of Houston getting behind the team. It also netted us a conference title and Peach Bowl berth.

I feel like that kind of effort and drive is what we have been missing since that coach left the program. That chip on the shoulder is what we need our head coach to have. It is the way Coogs succeed.

I haven’t seen that level of effort and energy from Holgorsen yet. The hype isn’t nearly as strong. Really hope these losses light a fire under him to do more and be more than just a head coach for this program. Otherwise, he will just be a Red Bull guzzling placeholder until we find that next hungry, stud coach.


Are you kidding me? For some one that is mailing it in he has a funny way of showing it. He was lucky not to have a aneurism the way he was going after the refs today. Also the fact he is taking the time to fix our depth issues by redshirting many players shows he is committed. He is not like Herman that was only here for his personal glory based on how he set the program back by not redshirting players and having no long term plan in place for recruiting.


If you can recall the effort Herman put in when he first came in, from social media to the product on the football field, it was very high. Holgorsen’s effort is not even close to that. Herman tried to be more than just a “football coach.” He took ownership of the program.

What I see on the football field are players playing very hard but awful play calling and game management. That tells me it is a lack of effort and preparation on Holgorsen’s part.


One is trying to build a program back to what we all know it can be. The other took a good roster that was recruited for him and threw every log on the fire available to set a blaze big enough to get him out of here.

Give me a break.



Holgorsen cares, he’s not happy. It’s nice to see a coach with a pulse getting in the refs face for screwing up. Gotta give him a chance to get his players in. Applewhite the clueless Whorn did his recruiting at Chuck E Cheese.


Were you here for Herman’s year 2 at UH? He only put in that effort when it suited his resume. I’m not sure Nick Saban could accomplish what some Coogfans are expecting in year 1.


i dont get that “chip” comment

holgerson is currently getting flamed by thousands of people on the web for redhsiritng king…a move clearly done for the purpose of winning big…
if he was coasting he would have just taken the easy road and let king finish with no backlash

i sense a strong fire in him, i sense a strong energy in him to win…

that old coach inherited a great team, with a weak non conference- jackboyz and the roc (The dline) had more than established identities before Herman ever stepped foot on campus

the hype behind herman was that he won from the start and was media friendly… not all great things are instantaneous… saban started 7-6 at bama , dabo sweeney started 7-6 at clemson… those are the top 2 programs in college football …and saban hates the media


I’ve seen a lot of FITB from Holgorsen. I saw him almost at a boiling point a few times today. He threw something so hard on the sidelines today, he almost put his arm out of socket. The effort was there but they’re just short-handed.


We need talent in the worst way because its obvious all the coaching changes and bad recruiting has caught up with the program. Its amazing it took this long for it to happen.


Dana is not getting flamed by thousands. He is getting flamed by about ten people.

For the first time in many years I see a coach with passion on the side line.

With his antics he went way up in my book today.


Who gives a flying flip if he has passion if he can’t win games?!?


NFL draft worthy talent at LB and DB from 2016-19 masked a lot of issues. The big play when we needed it to pull it out was usually there.

We need to throw some frosh numbers at several position groups badly. I get the huge position group holes that led to all these grad transfers but the 5 year player needs to be the norm.


The same people that give a flying flip that the kids are still playing hard and with passion but aren’t winning…


The kids aren’t making $4M to win.


Holgorsen is scheming as well as he can with the personnel he has. This is the worst overall talent and depth on a UH football roster since pre Briles. The kids are competing, but he is trying to make chicken salad from, well you know.


Holgerson has a big contract. Is not going anywhere. Focus on recruiting. Yeoman might have struggled with this group.


I was not alive then, but I have been told that in 1975 Yeoman redshirted many players just like Holgerson is doing this year. In 1976 UH won the first of three SWC championships in 4 years.


I do, for one. We had a group of kids playing their tails off today; but they came up short. I am not happy with the loss; but I am very happy with the effort. Sometimes you just play a better team. We all know our deficiencies, yet we gave a really good effort.


Yeah we suck. Thanks for reminding us