If UH were to either win a national championship this year or play in it, would UH essentially get to pick what conference it joined.

My guess is that if we beat OU, we’ll get fast-tracked into the Big 12 so fast, it won’t really matter. If we then go onto win the National Championship, it’s possible we get a bigger or even a full share upon entry as I’ve seen some places that performance will determine how quickly the new entrants receive their full shares as a conference member.

Of course, come 2025, we would be a very hot commodity as we’d basically be a brand name for winning a national championship.

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Hell, why stop there.

Go independent and get our own network.

Down to earth people !

Beating OU would mean 3 things.

  1. Last year wasn’t a fluke.
  2. Big 12 would invited us.
  3. Chaisson would commit to Houston.

This game has a lot riding for our program.

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