I can't help but think this is a result of the previous regime

I can’t know for sure. But it seems to me that the previous regime really fouled up the football program. And now we are forced into a reckoning.

Leach had to do it at Washington State.

What do y’all think? We all wanted Applewhite to succeed, but man was he was ill-suited. And that D Coordinator. I didn’t want to believe the Miami fans but they were right.

Dana has been complaining about the red-shirt situation since he got here.

Yes we won 8 games… but I think there was more afoot under the surface (mixed metaphor). There have been some reports that some players’ work ethics have been lacking. And some reports of some attitudes.

My hope is that CDH is having to make some painful choices to right the ship. I just hope it’s not another bust.

A relative of mine pointed out another root problem, the instability and the rigged P5 system that has cost us stability and made us a roller coaster. I have NO DOUBTS if were could actually play for the MNC we would be a power house every year.

I just don’t see why the current P5 is not anti-trust, anti-competitive.


There is absolutely no doubt about it.In retrospect and I have mentioned if before our leaders made some huge hiring errors. Huge hiring errors with HC’s but also with AD’s.


Maybe we’ve had some AD errors in the past, but I think Pez is the right man for the job.


Chris is 100% the right man. I wrote about the previous two. As much as I admire both our President and Tilman they made four huge mistakes.


Having good coaches who recruit for their next gig while on your dime (Briles, Sumlin, Herman) leaves you deprecated every third year or so. And they pull the top guys from the program.

Levine was a fantastic recruiter, just terrible at building a staff. Applewhite just lost control. And it is hard to get talent when your recruits see bad coaching.


This is a cumulative effect going back several regimes.


Well, 2 anyway.

Listen at the 11:30 mark of Holgerson’s signing day press conference back in FEBRUARY

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Herman taking our recruits was the coup de gras.


He has been speaking about the redshirt thing a lot. Herman didn’t give a shit because he knew he was leaving here as fast as he could. Applewhite wasn’t any better he was just as guilty and being a poor coach just compounded this issue. I think this is one of the main reasons we have had oline issues for the most part going back 5-6 yrs. Its because the players are being thrust into the lineup and they aren’t physically ready to play D1 football.


What Jerrycoog and 51 said here reveal it all. Hermann won with Levine’ s recruits and took our recruits with him to UTheard.

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if Appleseed gets offered a job at tu in the next few years my conspiracy theory will prove true. Appleseed needed a pass back into the tu fold after his debacle that got him fired. Completing what vermin started, the destruction of UH football and the recruits UH might have gotten with a P5 program, is that pass. haha, ok who has a better conspiracy theory? :slight_smile:


Appleseed will not he slept with a coed while there. He will have to win a lot to be welcomed back in my opinion. the former UT track coach just won her lawsuit because appleseed was not fired instantly for sleeping with a coed, while she was.

A year ago I thought this was crazy. Now it makes complete sense.