I Don't Get Out Much But

$60 for fast food?

Imagine if you had to tip

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The vegan burger is going to be a little pricier based on logistics and the cheese on the fries is extra. As is the bacon on the burger. Add in the large drinks and ice cream. Don’t act surprised at the bill when you added extra to every item

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Yeah. It’s gotten stupid expensive to go out to eat. Even quick serve restaurants are getting pricey.

So reading the article I’m doing the math and it’s not mathing for me maybe I’m missing something

Burger+ Bacon 12.50
Fake burger 11.90
Cheese fries 6.50
Tub of sauce 1.26
Custard 7.35
Shake 7.10

That’s 47 dollars, still too much for Shake Shack, but not 60 Dollars either. If I missed something I accept my mistake, but I feel like I checked it twice.

Dinner for two was $57 - ie: $28.50 each x 2 = $57.00 … Easy Peasy!

Sales tax maybe?

I wonder though is that like a regular Shake Shack location or one in an airport?

Possibly I don’t know if Britain is a “the price you see if the price you pay country” and they didn’t give a price on the soft drinks which I mean if they were 3 or 3.50 a piece plus taxes that gets you to 57 pretty easily. But if you’re trying to prove a point putting all the costs in your orders is kind of important.

Britain has a VAT. Tax is included in the price.

Further, I’m not sure what the cost of food in Britain (London at that) tells us really. For one, she didn’t pay in dollars which starts with a pretty big distortion.

In all, this sounds like a them problem and pretty clickbaity.


Shake Shack?

Over-rated, clap clap clapclapclap, over-rated…

HoppDoddy is way better.

Fast food prices have gone up just in the last 4-5 years. I used to be able to get combo meals for $6-8 bucks now they are over $10 per person.
This is not fast food but I got take out from Papas BBQ the other day. I had not been there in a long time so i don’t remember the prices but the portions have definitely decreased. Two meat plate had a tiny amount of brisket and the fry containers were half full they used to fill those things up past the rim. Its a sign of the times fellas. .

I’m scratching my head over someone who goes through the bother of ordering a fake hamburger with bacon. Or was the bacon fake, too?


Two burgers; one veggie , one regular beef with bacon.

Maybe the better question is why would a Vegan dine with a Carnivore ?

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I wonder if they cook the beef and vegan patties on the same flat top. I don’t think vegans would appreciate meat residue on their food.

I do believe there was some discussion of that with the Burger King flame broiled impossible whopper.

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At Shake Shack, I would imagine not. At least not here in SoCal. People would riot.

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Would they shut down traffic to make their demands heard?

You must not have visited LA where traffic is always shut down.

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Except the HOV lane where they ride your arse if you only do 80 mph