I don't think the debate is Allen V Postma

I think the debate is Postma V King. We need the threat of the run by the QB to keep ends and outside linebackers from crashing down on running plays and we need linebackers staying home on passing plays.

If you are a traditional QB, you better be accurate. Unfortunately Kyle Allen throws beautiful passes but too many of them are inaccurate. He also has to wait extra time for recievers to get open.

When KA takes off running he was getting run down by Dlinemen. It just is what it is.

Allen will start next week but others will play.


I have no idea what we have with King.


I agree.

I don’t think Allen’s problem is his accuracy so much as his ability to make his reads. Especially in that Arizona game, Allen has shown an ability to put passes on target. His problem is that, like many guys with big, accurate arms, he seems to force a lot of throws. Too often, he winds up throwing picks into double and triple coverage.

Speed-wise, he’s only a little slower than Dak Prescott. He’s fast enough to make it work – thus far, though, for whatever reason, he just hasn’t. His 40 time out of HS was only .1 second slower than Prescott’s combine time and .25 seconds slower than Ward’s pro day. Sure, running in pads is different than running in shorts, but he still absolutely has the ability to do it. I have my suspicions about the reasons he hasn’t done it, but that’s neither here nor there.

Regardless, I’m largely with the consensus that Allen isn’t the answer. I’m not sure if we have an answer – I would personally rather see King because I don’t like what I’ve seen from Postma, either.


“Kyle Allen is the real deal. He is a NFL 1st rounder. His touch and arm strength is as good as we have seen.”



I know what we have in King. The kid was 36/6 as a high school qb. He was pushing Allen as the starter until his injury. King should be given a look.


None of this part is false.


Touch and Arm strength is good to have, his problem is in decision making

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I think we need to try King at RB.

Regarding Allen,
The coach talked about changing the offense to the players, but it is very clear that is coach speak. On the field they are just running their offense. He is trying really hard to make a fish climb a tree.

In addition, it is just not a good mix of personnel. To take advantage of a QB like Allen we need receivers that can separate. The harsh reality is that they cannot. They are possession receivers; which works great for a dual threat QB that forces separation when he threatens the defense with his mobility.

One more thing: we do not have a break away running back. King is our most explosive player.

Put all these things together and we do have a very average offense and dare I say It, an offense NOT capable of winning a championship. That does not sell tickets in Houston. The coaches have to make some very tough decisions that are going to affect some very real players and students.

They have very few options:
Change the offensive playbook in a hurry.
Force Allen to run the option.
Change and commit to that QB.

IMO I do not think Postma is the answer. We would basically be running an offense like Navy. Again, that doesn’t sell tickets (IMO) here in Houston.

Allen needs to get rid of the ball a lot faster. Instead of the 5 step drop, make it 3 and settle for shorter completions instead of incomplete and intercepted passes. This will help open up the run game.

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I’m okay if we try out King and Postma in the Temple game. Give them looks. We know we need a QB with wheels to run this O.

Otherwise make it an air raid with pre-snap reads. Not likely.

It’s obviously the decision making. It’s not arm-strength or tools.


Hard to see how accuracy is the primary issue when he led the nation in completion % after two games. I like Postma as the reliever / change of speed later in the game. King or Allen makes more sense. But, after today’s press conferences, I think it will be Allen who gets the start.