I got one up on ChatGPT

Sort of, it is partially correct. Its a slow day at the office, fellas.

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Went to a new dentist office under my new DHMO plan yesterday in fact I find it funny you posted this. Told the dentist I had 2 hip replacements 6 years ago or more. He decides to give me piece of paper to take to my hip doctor to get a clearance for treatment for a tooth implant which I never said I wanted after I found out it’s $5000, I definitely not doing one. But what gets me he never did my entitled teeth cleaning. They did the x-rays. That’s all I got. Needless to say I won’t be going to the office ever again. Don’t deal with Doc’s or Dentist not up to date on the latest policies such as the ADA or AMA on hip replacement which only applies if you had surgery in 2 year window or less for clearance for dental procedures. In fact I found out from my optometry visit at UH eye institute the young optometrist told me UH has a Dental Clinic, I was surprised, he said it just opened. Needless to say I’m changing my plan to a PPO and have UH take care of my dental needs as they have for my eyes for years

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Correct, some ortho’s only want first 6 months only. I usually defer to the surgeon and let them decide the length of time. Used to be prophylaxis for life. These damn rules change so often that its hard to keep track.

I had no idea either. If UH ever opens up a dental school, I would volunteer to be floor faculty. Those are the guys that check and help the students when they start to work on live patients. I’ve always liked teaching and thought that would be a great way to give back the the old alma mater.


Here’s their website, looks like UH and UNT’s is open to the public

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