I had no problem with RG's last 3-pointer

He was wide open. if he makes it we cannot lose on UC’s next possession. UC would have to bring the ball all the way up the court with 4.3s and need to make a 3.
If he misses, UC still needs to bring it all the way up with 4.3 and we have been playing great D.
The problem is Zanna fouling. Our bigs have no situational understanding. Just don’t foul and likely it is overtime.

The refs were all over the place in this game. Little reach-in fouls get called. People get plowed or mugged and no call. If they had let them play through that last rebound instead of sending UC to the line I don’t think anyone from UC would have noticed. But the game ended up being won on the line.

On to the tourney…Go Coogs!!!


He was wide open because he was a few feet behind the 3 pt line. Truth is he bailed them out by taking too long. He’s done this all season long. Drive the ball and force the refs to call something. But with Rob you have to take the bad with the good.


He made threes from that range yesterday.

Legs were not there today.

Nobody complained when he made those same type treys all season long…And who exactly did you want to shoot at that point? Brooks was not on his game against the taller Bearcats and they had the two Davis’ blanketed…time to give the Bearcats credit and move on…


Here’s the thing.

Rob’s about 35% from three. You have a 35% chance to score on that play. Maybe less since it was NBA range.

If we attack the rim, you have a higher chance to score at least some points on the play. Either as a FG or a FT.


Cincy was stuffing us late when we tried to drive the lane. Rob was open and against that type of defense you take the shot…it didn’t drop so we move on…

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Do not disagree. I just think everyone is tired. You could see he was not as effective on his drives today. Three games in three days is tough especially after playing a barn burner the day before with Wichita State.

Time to move on to the tournament. Nice thing here on out. Day off between games to get legs back.

That doesn’t totally work though because it’s a lot harder to time a good shot off a drive to correspond with trying to burn the clock out. Especially considering how stingy Cincy’s defense is.

The % chance of him making isn’t the only thing you look at. It’s % chance he makes it weighed against % chance Cincy scores after the play. We got an okay look and burned down the clock as far as we could. Cincy would have had to score with a very limited amount of time left, which is a low percentage outcome. The only issue I had with the play was Zanna smacking someone in the face going for the rebound.

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On another note, what exactly is the purpose of the “Conference Tournaments”.?

They seem to have little affect on the NCAA’s. I guess they generate $$$$$ (most likely reason).

On a few occasions, there is a Cinderella.

No one attends unless the “home” team is a likely winner.

Are they strictly a TV filler for the networks ??

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I think tired legs had a lot to do with both teams very poor shooting percentage late in the game. We had a ton of open looks in the second half that we were draining earlier in the tournament. I think UC felt the same. That is the reason you cannot foul in that situation.

We aren’t talking about year long stats. We are talking about how the Coogs were playing and what the refs were calling. The Coogs went inside at least 10 times the second half and exactly how many resulted in a made shot or free throws? Less than 35% I guarantee you.

Would love to see another replay on that foul. From the one replay I saw it looked like a no call at best vs foul. I think Sampson saw the same thing,

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Winner of conference tourneys get auto entry into NCAA tourney . . . . .

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So you go with Cinderella argument.

I love Gray. He’s a flake, but he is also very tough, and has made big shot after big shot for us. He wins us a lot more than he loses. This one didn’t work out. I sho nuff want him out there the next time we’re in this situation.

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My biggest complaint with Rob is he doesn’t have the best basketball IQ at times. He will make some really bad decisions at times. I know he our best scorer, but unfortunately, I don’t feel as much confidence in him as id like too when he has the ball last seconds with the game on the line. It not like with Case in football where im real confident he will make the right decision. I think we have actually had some better crunch time players than Rob recently in the Penders era.

Refs were not going to call a foul on Cinci in the last minute unless an intentional foul after we gain possession.


It was definitely a foul. I’m sure he’ll look at the game tape and feel bad he committed it. However, the young man plays his heart out every minute he’s on the court and was trying to make a play to help us win the game, so hopefully he won’t dwell on it and instead use it as a learning experience.

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Yeah. Zanna hit the guy in the face. I don’t think the refs want to call a loose ball foul there but that was pretty egregious. I like Zanna too and everyone makes mistakes. I’d rather someone make a mistake trying too hard than being lazy, but he needs to have better situational awareness next time.

One thing about the last foul, it was only #11 for us in the half. Take out a couple bad foul calls earlier (Zanna and Gray both had phantom calls against them that half) and he is shooting the one and one. Overtime at worst, maybe hit the last shot with less pressure on the guys. Not saying we got screwed necessarily, but a lot of people dont realize the impact refs have on a game when it is not crunch time. Maybe the refs were tired too and had some bad calls because of that, lol. Did they have 3-4 straight games as well?