I hope Holgorsen understands the opportunity he has

I guess being delusional is not so uncommon on a sports fan board. And ignorance is bliss and emotions - such as hatred - run high. Carry on since you’re sure we have similar talent to Alabama.


you used dana own recruiting classes to say he “inherited” less talent…then rebuttal with “delsuion”…

and i backed my info with actual data … no one said bama, but we are proven to be the most talented in the G5, by FACTS

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I think If we were to let go of Dana, we would have a lot of really good options for head coach. I was just saying I don’t think Dana Is as bad as people make him out to be. He had 3 ranked season at WVU out of 8. In 7 of those 8 season he was ranked at some point in the season. I do think he’s a good coach. He’s trying to build this program from the bottom up. He wants to be here, for a long time.


So, the 2020 team talent composite rankings that you referenced up above is bolstered by five 4 star transfer players into UH as follows:

Deontay Anderson - moving to LB at UH because he seems to get lost in coverage at safety
Tank Jenkins - hasn’t played a snap at UH
Jordan Moore - didn’t contribute much and transferred out
Kyle Porter - played well in some games but got injured
Colin Samuel - hasn’t played due to injuries prior to UH

So, yeah, you really think that UH can bolster our team talent depth and be able to beat the likes of a much deeper Cincinnati team using such transfer players who often turn out to be non-contributors? OK

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Cincinnati is at a different level right now, so im not going to comp against them. what they are doing is herman-esque dominating high school recruiting despite being a g5…

but lets look at the other top g5 the last few years, memphis, ucf and smu… they take as many transfers as we do and have as many as flop/not work out (that isnt unique to UH)…ucf had 20 players opt out and still washed us…

i geniuely do not believe talent was the issues…especially for how bad we’ve been, if you want to a make a case that we cant compete with cincy that fine… but there is no case based on talent that we should be 7-13 in holgs era… the talent we have was far better than that…we havent beaten a team with a winning record in 2 years

my bigger point is that a lot of our issues is on dana, not the talent. we shouldnt be making excuses for him, we were not the team that was depleted…especially considering dana cant recruit hs kids for anything… its more than likely the NEXT coach after him might have a depleted roster


the above average that dana “inherited” is simply incorrect

it includes two of his classes 2020 and 2021 that he did not “inherit” he is 100% responsible for

he was in place for the second signing day in 2019, but it is the fault of UH that he was not in place for the early signing period because of the desire to “big balla” by waiting to save $1 million on the buyout from WVU

if you give 100% credit to “inherited” for 2019 here is how the averages work

2019 73
2018 73
2017 69
2016 36
2015 89

so an average over those years of 68 which is better than SMU and very close to UCF and Memphis

also the 2016 players that were from a #36 class should have been major contributors, but instead they were subjected to a “give up” season in 2019

the average of the classes that dana is 100% responsible for are 78

2021 84
2020 72

so clearly he has been declining in recruiting over the two years he is responsible for 100% from the #68 average of the prior 5 years and a major decline from his first to his second class of 12 places

conveniently leaving out the #36 class he inherited and that should have been major contributors in 2019 instead of begin told “oh well next year” makes the above comparison to the top teams in the AAC all the worse and all the less credible


It’s amazing how so many people here who are critical of Applewhite give CDH a pass. Especially considering his pedigree and his salary.


I didn’t have high expectations of Applewhite and unfortunately he lived down to them. For everyone pining for Applewhite, I ask what did you see from his tenure that makes you think we would be in a better situation if he was still in charge?

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The 2016 rating was inflated by Ed Oliver. Without him, the class rating would have been much lower.

Also, going back and looking at the last 3 classes (2016-2018) pre-Dana shows that the root cause of the biggest problem for the UH FB team which CDH inherited was in the OL - where recruiting both talent and depth was seriously lacking. Check this out:

2016 Class:

Na’Ty Rodgers - OT - 4 star - .89 rated JUCO - played well & left after 1-2 years - XXX
Keenan Murphy - OG - 3 star - .84 rated HS - still on team
Dixie Wooten III - OG - 3 star - .83 rated HS - did he qualify & make the team? - XXX

2017 Class:

Dennis Bardwell - OT - 3 star - .84 rated HS - still on team

2018 Class:

Bo Alexander - OL - 3 star - .82 rated JUCO - don’t remember seeing him play - XXX
Max Banes - OL - 3 star - .81 rated HS - legacy player seeing some action
Kam Lewis - OG - 3 star - .81 rated HS - hasn’t seen any action yet - XXX
Jack Freeman - OL - 2 star - .79 rated HS - has been seeing some action

So over a 3 year period from 2016-18, Herman & Applewhite recruited/signed only 8 OL players in total (incl: 2 JUCO players & 2 HS players not seeing action) with none being highly rated. This is a certain formula for ABJECT FAILURE. And so it’s little wonder that CDH has been busy recruiting/signing 5-6 HS &/or Transfer OL’s per year since he got to UH to try to dig us out of the huge problem he inherited.


the 2019 class had 4 OL and 6 DL so if dana does not take the hit for the rankings of that class he should not get credit for those linemen and it shows there was recruiting to that position by the prior coach

the 2019 transfers (12 of them) had only one OT and one Interior Lineman so there was not massive attention paid to that issue in 2019 with transfers

7 of those players were on defense all past the line so no attention to the D line

2020 4 O Line 3 D line so less than the prior class

of the 6 transfers only one OG

2021 4 OL 3 DL

of the 8 transfers 2 DL 1 OL

so there is not massive attention paid to the OL in the transfer portal or the DL

we have no idea what the prior coach would have done on the transfer portal for the OL or DL in 2019 because they were not given the chance

we do know the current coach gave much more attention to the defensive backfield and the offensive skill positions (besides QB)

we also know that no coach in the history of UH has been given a pass to just throw a season away to try and rest players for the next year and try and game the redshirt rules that had just been changed and we do know that attempt was a huge failure


The 2021 UH FB roster online shows the OL experience breakdown as follows:

Freshmen - 10 (looks like plenty of attention being paid here)
Sophomore - 5
Junior - 1
Senior - 2

So it seems pretty clear that our prior 2 head coaches were failures at recruiting/signing OL’s - as there are now only 3 upper class-men OL’s on our roster including a Sr transfer Center from a C-USA school.


We seem to have exactly 2 OL’s that are Juniors/Seniors recruited by The Apple.

Astonishingly pathetic. One of the worst hires in Coog Football history.


You guys do remember that everyone is actually a year beyond their listing due to COVID free year. According to my list taken from the UH site, we have the following:
Freshmen: 5 (2 would probably be sophs or RS freshmen)
RS Freshmen: 3 would be sophs
Sophs: 2 would be Juniors
RS Sophs: 3 would be Juniors
Juniors: 2 would be seniors
Seniors: 3

So we would have 5 freshmen*, 3 sophs, 5 juniors and 5 seniors were it not for COVID. That is pretty well balanced if you ask me.

*2 would probably be sophs or RS freshmen


You are ruining the narrative with facts @red80


What do all the DHers think about Renu’s “we fire coaches at 8-4” and “we don’t rebuild, we reload” talk relative to DH’s tenure? I guess DH gets a mulligan on that, and then another mulligan? Hopefully Cougar faithful aren’t told he needs a third mulligan after the 2021 season.

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She said that, mostly in jest, to a group of alums. No school fires coaches who go 8-4 or worse. If they did, Saban wouldn’t be at Alabama, Luke Fickell wouldn’t be at Cincinnati, Matt Campbell wouldn’t be at Iowa State, etc.


Do you want to be taken literally for everything you have said in jest at a cocktail party and held to it in your business decisions? If not, then don’t try to do the same to Dr. Khator.


Mike - your info on the OL seems a bit off to me. Let me summarize our OL roster for you this way:

HS Class - Name - UH Class Listing - Recruited by

2016 - Keenan Murphy - Sr - Herman/Apple
2016 - Cody Russell - Sr (transfer - La Tech) - Holgorsen (2021 recruit)

2017 - Dennis Bardwell - Sr - Apple
2017 - Jordan Boatman - Jr - Walk-on? (Apple?)

2018 - Benil Johnson - So (transfer - A&M Commerce) - Holgorsen (2020 recruit)
2018 - Max Banes - So - Apple
2018 - Rueben Unije - So (JUCO transfer) - Holgorsen (2020 recruit)
2018 - Jack Freeman - So - Apple
2018 - Tank Jenkins - So (transfer - A&M) - Holgorsen (2020 recruit)

2019 - Chayse Todd - RS Fr - Holgorsen
2019 - Cam’ron Johnson - RS Fr - Holgorsen
2019 - Patrick Paul - RS Fr - Holgorsen
[NOTE: Gio Pancotti (transfer - Texas Tech)] - completed eligibility - Holgorsen]
[NOTE: Justin Murphy (transfer - UCLA)] - completed eligibility - Holgorsen]

2020 - Derek Bowman - Fr - Holgorsen
2020 - Ugonna Nnanna - Fr - Holgorsen
2020 - Gabe Cossey - Fr - walk-on? - Holgorsen
2020 - James Faminu - Fr - Holgorsen
[NOTE - see Benil Johnson, Reuben Unije & Tank Jenkins listed above with their 2018 HS class year]

2021 - Joshua Atkins - Fr - Holgorsen
2021 - Carson Walker - Fr - Holgorsen
2021 - Almarin Crim - Fr - Holgorsen
[NOTE: See Cody Russell listed above with his 2016 HS class]

So it appears to me that since Holgorsen arrived just in time to sign the 2019 class, he has signed 16 OL players in the last 3 classes - with 2 transfer players having completed their eligibility - and with 14 guys still on the roster. It appears that Holgorsen has averaged signing ~5 OL players per year (which appears normal).

By contrast, our current roster contains only 5 players with recruiting ties to Apple - 2 Sr, 1 Jr & 2 So - over 2-3 years of recruiting. So Apple averaged only ~1 or 2 OL players per year (which does not appear normal) and which doesn’t provide a basis for a competitive offensive FB team. We’ve seen this woeful lack of OL depth show up in our game planning and results over the last 2 years.

Let’s just hope the depth that Holgorsen is now building thru a competent red-shirt program and thru recruiting transfer OL players thru the portal shows up in our game results early & often this season.


but when you have fired two coaches out of the last 3 when they had winning records it would seem that you would be expected to do the same for a coach that has two losing seasons in a row


I copied it from the UH site.