I know I’m in the minority here, but…

Those are the best looking UH jerseys in program history

I gotta be honest lol, coolest uniform I’ve ever seen


it was completely out of the “blue” and basically surprised the whole college sports world by endorsing a throwback NFL team. Fantastic.


I dont like that both the helmet and jersey say Houston. gotta have a Cougars somewhere in there.

I know I know, its for the city…

otherwise - im all for them for a one and done. we just better ducking win…

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good marketing from our football program, for once.


I think it’s a way to claim the Oilers history in Houston given the Tennessee Titans are doing an Oilers tribute uniform

something like this:


If they had 500 for sale Saturday they would sell out. Those jerseys are a way to get casual and non fans to put on U of H gear and rep the school.
Pretty brilliant.
Lets hope the marketing department does not mess this up.


that would have been, perfect.

can someone run this up the flagpole and get it swapped please?


there has to be some sort of licensing agreement or something right?

otherwise UH athletics is completely oblivious to the absolute gold mine they are sitting on with jersey sales for both football and basketball.

Pez Sez… merch is on the way


It’s just a color scheme…they aren’t using the Oilers logos or even their font.

I don’t see any licensing but if they did a Columbia Blue UH logo I’m sure they would have already gotten that trademarked

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Let’s not go crazy now.

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I loved the Houston Oilers, but I don’t like those colors and uniforms. I am always in love with the red and white and sometimes the black and red. However, no matter what, I love my Cougars and I wish them the very best tomorrow and the rest of the season.


Play it up as “Love Ya Coogs” game. Invite a bunch of ex-Oilers. Have Dan Pastorini be the honorary captain.

Sell Bum Phillips cowboy hats.


Dan P. will be there early at the Happy Hour section :grinning:

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